Wednesday, the First Week of Advent: Children of God, the Gift of Adoption

We are all Children of God

You aren’t an accident. Things don’t just happen for an unknown reason. 

God created you, he made those around you. He placed you in a family, exactly where you need to be and the people around you are a gift. You, in turn, are a gift to the people around you.

Who is your family? How did you come to be in your family?

You see, I was adopted as an infant. At the earliest age, it was explained that I was “chosen”, wanted, and loved. My Mom and Dad chose to have a baby, but biologically it was not possible. So God gave them a gift, me.

In fact, it was just shortly after Christmas they received a letter saying a baby girl was waiting for them. I grew up with the comfort knowing I was NOT a mistake, I was NOT an accident. I was born at the right time, for a purpose.

The Gift of Adoption. If you are adopted, you are NOT a mistake. You are a child of God and a Gift.Gift of Adoption

Many adopted children search for their biological parents and feel as if a piece of them are “missing”. I never felt that way. My husband is adopted and he feels the same way. His Mom and Dad are his parents and he has never searched and never expressed a desire.

I feel if God wants you to know, or meet, it will happen. Just like it happened with my husband and the son he placed for adoption years later. Father and son were reunited after 25 years. It was none other than the hand of God working in many people to make it happen.

Over the years many people have asked: “Don’t you want to know?” I’ve had several discussions with friends who either were adopted, or have a spouse who is adopted. Some want to blame their “life problems” on not having a “parental connection” as an infant.

I seriously have been at peace my whole life with knowing I was a “gift” from God.

Isn’t it wonderful to be a “gift”, wow, that is really something when you think about it, I mean really think about it. We give for Christmas, birthdays, and sometimes the most wonderful gifts are unexpected.

I am a daughter of God, I am a baptized child of God. My Godmother made sure I was baptized right away and she became extremely influential in my life. Sunday school in the tiny Broad Brook country church started the journey and I have been wrapped in the arms of Jesus my whole life. Maybe that is why I’m secure in my place on earth.

Lutheran Advent Season, What is is All About? Hopefully, this series will inspire, teach and prepare you for Christmas in a way you never considered. This is about the gift of adoption and how your real Father in Heaven is the only true Father you need.

Life hasn’t always been kind, there have been struggles. Oh how there have been struggles! But, God has saved me so many times I can’t count. God gave me a gift of Christ Jesus when he was born as a baby on Christmas. The gift is the promise that God will save me. He will make good out of whatever the universe throws at me.

That is what it means to be a child of God.

I believe things happen for a reason, in Gods’ purpose and timing.  For years my children have been wanting me to find out more about my ancestral heritage, their heritage. Are we Native American (Indian) like I thought? But I never felt the timing was right. Something this summer prompted me to send a DNA sample to 23nMe.Create Link

Religious views on adoption. You are not a mistake, you are here for a purpose

Nope, I’m the person that “traded their Lederhosen for a Kilt” as I found out I was more English and Irish, so our dark complexions come from Black Irish, ok. That’s cool. DNA related family, I did hold my breath when I clicked on the report. Closest relatives, a few 2nd cousins, and a thousand or so 4th and 5th cousins. I laughed. Yes, I laughed.

What did I expect? That the universe would suddenly align and all the mysteries would be solved?

No, I had no mysteries that needed solving. Since then more relatives have appeared on my report. I was contacted by a first cousin and my curiosity was piqued. One conversation led to another and after several months I have learned I have more cousins than I can count, sisters and brothers (half anyway). It has been overwhelming on both sides yet I have been welcomed into another family.

It is fun to compare family resemblances with family members and see similarities with my kids. Is the story complete? No, and that’s ok.  It is God’s timing, not mine, or anyone else’s. The story may never be told, and that’s ok.

The child of God in me knows my true Father. My parents raised me, I need no other Father here on earth.

I am content.

Reflections the First Wednesday of Advent

Daily Lectionary: Isaiah 14: 1-23; 2 Peter 3:1-18

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