Thursday, the First Week of Advent: Titles of Jesus in the Bible

Lutheran Advent Season, What is is All About? Hopefully, this series will inspire, teach and prepare you for Christmas in a way you never considered. ONe of the titles of Jesus in the Bible is Wonderful Counselor. Learn how He can counsel and release you of your sins.Titles of Jesus in the Bible

There are many titles of Jesus in the Bible including incredible and lofty titles for the Baby Jesus: Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace.

This was the basis for the sermon for the first Wednesday night service in Advent at Trinity Lutheran Church in Murdock. Let’s just take the first name, wonderful counselor. Jesus Christ was meant to walk beside us, guide us, help us and give us strength and answers when we cannot.

When the world turns against us and threatens our mind and soul who do we turn to? A counselor or therapist. Jesus.

Jesus is the best counselor. He is always there, and he doesn’t charge an hourly fee. You don’t have to place an emergency call to Him.

“You are mine. I put my name on you. You have the Holy Spirit. All my Good Friday benefits are yours: forgiveness, life, and salvation.”

Wonder of a Counselor

When your sins threaten to swallow you up and take over. You know that feeling, your heart races over all the lies you have told, the fibs, the cover stories to explain away deceit.  Or maybe you are so consumed by wanting to get ahead at work, chasing money, playing office politics, to earn advancement by cheating a coworker or customers. THAT is how sin destroys and harms your soul.

Maybe you have an antagonistic relationship with a parent? You have fought in the past. Silence and animosity linger in the air. Holding onto anger, or hate is harmful. Don’t believe me. Try this exercise. Think of the person and how they have harmed you. Does your breathing change, does your chest feel tight? You carry the weight. Don’t do it any longer. Let it go. Give it to Jesus, let Him console you.

Reflections of Advent Season, the title of Jesus being Wonderful Counselor

” Baby Counselor Jesus is there to console you with His saving death and resurrection. His words are divine. His words count. His words matter. His words TO YOU and FOR YOU are: “even though your sins be red as scarlet, they are made white as snow by my Good Friday blood.”

Forgiveness is powerful. It releases you from bearing the responsibility of the other person.  You can almost feel a weight taken off your shoulders. It sets you free.

Advent Season Reflections: Thursday, First Week Advent

Reading for the 1st Thursday in Advent: Isaiah 9:1-7

Daily Lectionary: Isaiah 24: 1-13;  John 1:10:14

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