USMC Birthday Message From a Grateful Marine Mom

My USMC Birthday Message

Happy Birthday Marine Corps

Happy Birthday Marine Corps

This will be my fourth year writing a USMC Birthday message to the United States Marine Corps.

Last year I was anticipating attending a third USMC Boot camp graduation at MCRD San Diego. It is with our 3rd Marine son in mind that I write this letter, and my appeal for all new Marines to watch, learn and carry forth the tradition of Semper Fidelis Marines.

Dear Marine Corps,

I sit here on the eve of the Marine Corps Birthday with nothing to write. Seriously. In years pasts I’ve written to you that I am proud to be associated with the finest branch of the United States military. I have expressed a military Moms pride, I have thanked you and have appealed for increased military leadership in the US Marines.  

But this year, I struggle to put words down. Why?

Maybe because you have taught this Marine Mom well. I don’t worry about my sons. They are in good hands. The USMC has taught them to survive, to take the bad with the good and embrace “The Suck.” Never have I been that helicopter Mom who hovers and micromanages my kids. But it is only natural for a Mother to worry.I do see this in other Marine Moms, however, who worry if their sons and daughters are getting enough to eat, or is their drill instructor being too mean.

New Marine Moms struggle with the empty nest syndrome and lack of “instant communication” during boot camp. Are their sons and daughters are getting enough to eat, is their drill instructor being too mean? Those are just some of the worries. These are eliminated during the USMC graduation family day however.

Marine Corps Graduation MCRD San Diego

My three Marines had three different experiences in boot camp and during active duty. They will all take different paths during their “independent duty.” But, I know a common theme runs through them. They will have matured, know responsibility, understand commitment, and belong to a lifelong brotherhood. 

I am comfortable and secure in the fact my sons will always have someone to call on, someone to relate to, and experiences that only Marines will understand. They will always be “Once a Marine, Always a Marine”, and I will be “Once a Marine Mom, Always a Marine Mom.”


A Very Proud Marine Mom

P.S. Tell your Marines to send a photo in their Dress Blues to the Mother from the Marine Ball

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Date of the USMC Birthday

The date of the USMC Birthday falls on November 10th every year to celebrate the founding of the Marine Corps in 1775. They have a long tradition of brotherhood that dates back to their birthplace in Tun Tavern. Below is the annual message to Marines and their families from the Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller.