A Marine Mom Letter to the Marine Corps on Their Birthday

The Marine Corps birthday is just around the corner and once again I begin my Marine Mom letter to the Marine Corps.

My first letter was a request, last year was a letter of thanks and this year is emphasizing a Marine parents concern and an appeal for future Marines. Tonight I wait for photos from my second son’s Marine Corps Ball, to all Marines active, retired, or inactive, I wish you the best on this 240th Marine Corps birthday.

Marine Mom Letter to the Marine Corps

For the first time I have a family member in every phase of the Marine Corps journey. My oldest is using the Post 9-11 GI Bill to attend college, my youngest son is still active duty with less than a year left before he obtains his DD214 and begins a new chapter in his post USMC life, and my stepson is currently at boot camp. So another trip to MCRD San Diego is in the near future.

Marine Corps Graduation, San Diego CA

2011 Marine Corps Graduation, San Diego CA

So this year my letter is to Commandant General Robert B Neller, why not go large and speak right to the head person in charge. Here is his official Marine Corps birthday message and below is mine.


Dear Marine Commandant General Robert Neller,

This year another member of my family enters the United States Marine Corps and I want to impose on your to listen to a Marine Mom and our concerns as parents. Like our Marines, we come from different background, different ethnic groups, and different social economic backgrounds. Each one of us is unique and different, but there is a common thread, we love our sons and daughters.

Please continue to stress to NCOs that they are leaders and they should hold themselves to a higher standard. Junior Marines not only want good leaders, they NEED good leaders. So many young men and women enter the fleet barely out of high school and immediately leave for boot camp. Many times I hear of young Marines with money problems, girl problems, drinking problems and even bigger ones that land them in the brig or worse. 

In no way am I blaming the USMC, I recognize this is often the result of gathering young, hormone, gung-ho, “invincible feeling” men together in one location who have expendable income for the first time in their life.

However, I know from listening to my sons, the Marine Corps offers continuing education opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and various activities with the Single Marine Corps. Please continue to strongly encourage these men and women to take up a hobby, stay busy, and stay involved in not only the base community but the surrounding town in which they live. 

I am very lucky to have two Marine sons who listened to good leaders and are the best examples of what it means to be a Marine. I have watched as they serve their community, I have watched how they respect others, and notice their surroundings in order to respond quickly and lend a hand to someone in need. 

This year I will be attending my third Marine Corps graduation and as I watch the chaplain lead off the ceremony with a prayer, I pray the emphasis and dedication to God and country always remains an important part of the United States Marine Corps.

Signed a very proud Marine Mom

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This year I’m adding a new Marine video I just found and it’s quickly becoming my favorite. Performed by Madison Rising and with an introduction by R. Lee Emery, the actual Marine Drill Instructor in the movie Full Metal Jacket.

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