Day 58/365: Another Dog Toy Bites the Dust

Day 58: Grrrrr….Give me my toy!!

The search for the indestructible dog toy continues. Why do I try? Because it’s fun, because I like a challenge, and one day Brody might learn that the fun will last longer if he doesn’t totally destroy his squeaky toys. This time is was with a line from Tuffy Dog Toys.

When I worked for a pet supply company I had a lot of excuses to indulge my dog. I tried different dog foods, various types of dog toys, and all kinds of  dog treats. Brody eats anything so that wasn’t really a fair test.

But, I digress, back to the dog toy test. My daughter played tug of war, keep away, and pulled him around the kitchen. It wore Brody completely out. He actually didn’t eviscerate this rabbit for over an hour, but was content to slobber and just gnaw.

It took almost three hours this very determined Jack Russell to break through the 3 layers of fabric and reach the stuffing. then it was an all out war on the dog toy. Kill the Rabbit, kill the rabbit,…isn’t that from a movie, I think Bugs Bunny.

The squeaker came out first, then all the stuffing, all over the floor. When the toy was sufficiently dead and just the skin left the novelty of the toy was over.

I now have a Boxer, in addition to my Jack, and Leah loves stuffed animals and carries them around like a baby. So as long as it doesn’t have a squeaker

This was also a level 9 dog toy from and it’s a good thing I participate in the Dog Testing program, otherwise these experiments would cost me a fortune.


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