My Boxer, No Longer a Puppy

My dog Leah, is no longer a puppy as she officially turned a year old in August. She has gained that regal Boxer look, and she is still very sweet. Thinks she’s a lap dog and owns the couch, I don’t even know why I own a couch for us to sit on, my husband and I sit on the lazy boys and the two dogs take the couch.

Unlike Brody, my Jack Russell, Leah doesn’t chew and destroy her squeaky toys, nor does she jump on people or bark like crazy when the doorbell rings. Leah babies her stuffed animals and loves them. Maybe it’s the difference between the sexes as she is a female (bitch) and Brody is a male. Or maybe it’s just Brodys’ terrier nature of a hunter.

Purebred Boxer

My Princess “Leah”

If you’re wondering, she was not named after the Star Wars character, Princess Lei, but after a boxer, we knew named Princess, and a derivation of my Leo, my Dad’s name who loved Boxers.

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