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Free Photoshop Template: Graduation Invitation

Looking for a Free Photoshop template for a graduating high school senior? Here is a fresh new design to download.

Free graduation Photoshop Template

Click to download the free Photoshop template

I love designing in Photoshop and since I’ve had three seniors graduate in three years senior graduation invitations and announcements were high on my priority list. This senior design is one of my favorites and features a friends daughter. Melanie just happens to be a photographer herself and you if you live in Kentucky check out her photographs at Melanie Wells Photography on Facebook.

Design Your Own Graduation Invitations

If you don’t have Photoshop you can use pre-made graduation card templates at Zazzle and have them delivered right to your door.

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Graduation Card Ideas

Expenses for senior year of high school add up fast

That included graduation invitations, a $10 graduation yard sign and a nearly $300 full-page yearbook ad that features photos of Abby. Waldron has a younger daughter who will graduate in three years. “I would like to say we would spend less. But you

Personalized Graduation Party Invitations Feature Fun Theme Designs from …

Parties Outside the Box offers theme graduation party invitations that are customized to capture the unique personality of the graduate. New, personalized graduation party invitation designs range from Secret Agent graduation invitations to Movie

June College Checklist for Graduating Seniors

The graduation invitations have been sent, and all that is left of high school may be giving handshakes, receiving diplomas and accepting well-deserved awards. Congratulations! You are on your way! Seniors, here is your college admission checklist for

Pro versus con: Is Facebook useful or limiting interaction?

Continuing the theme of practicality, short of wedding or graduation invitations, the Facebook events and invitations function is infinitely better than snail-mailing invitation cards or adding dozens of numbers to a group text. On a visceral note, in



Sometimes You Just Have to Hug a Horse

Before and After, A Girl and her Horse

The first part of March my hubby and I attended the Great Nebraska Horse Fair in Lincoln Nebrasaka at the Lancaster Event Center. Meet some wonderful people including Jess and her yearling Belgian horse above. Photo was taken inside a horse trailer and lighting was just a little poor. Didn’t want to use my flash so just opened up the aperture.

I first rendered this in GIMP and adjusted the white balance. Although it rendered the image accurate the photo just didn’t give me the warm fuzzies. So after cropping in Photoshop I used a the Color layer adjustment with orange at about a 10% opacity to give the overall image a warmer tone.

What do you think?


Sometimes A Picture is NOT What it Seems

I have to admit, I really like Photoshop.  I’m amazed at how I can improve a photo that has distractions or just didn’t turn out like I hoped. Most photos I don’t manipulate but some call for just a little more work than others.

My dog Brody, a Jack Russel, is a perfect example. This is a before and after of a previous post from my 365 Project

Jack Russell dog, before and after Photoshop


Making Tulips “Pop” With Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful photography tool when used properly. My goal for most photo editing is to create an image that doesn’t look like it’s been edited. So let’s render an image of a tulip into something that pops just a little, but doesn’t take it over the edge.

See how subtle editing can improve a photograph without going over the top, as I have a tendency to do sometimes, according to my daughter.

Tulip SOOC (straight out of the camera)

Tulip SOOC (straight out of the camera)

This edit first involved adding a levels adjustment layer and darkening the whole image.  I selected the pink color in Image/Adjustment/Selective Color and added more magenta, which brightened the color in the petals.

The white portion of the petals seemed washed out so I then used the Burn tool and stroked over the creases in the bottom of the petal, which brought out the fine streaks.  I then used the sponge tool and desaturated the background.

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Tree Springs to Life in Photoshop

Tree Springs to life in Photoshop

Sometimes my commute home takes twice as long as I stop and take pictures. Yesterday was no exception as the combination of the sky, clouds and the emerging spring greenery beckoned me more than once to stop the car.

The straight out of camera was just dull and flat. Not nearly what I saw visually with the naked eye. So after adjusting the white balance down from blue to more green in Gimp I then went to work in photoshop.

I first brightened the whole image. Then selected the blues in the sky and copied the results into their own sky layer. From there I adjusted the blue until it was vibrant.

As a result of brightening the foreground grass was blown out. To fix I color selected browns from the foreground and copied into a new layer. This layer I darkened. In actuality there are three different exposures in this image. Probably not technically correct, but that’s the result.

A little background on the tree, it’s been one of my favorite vistas on my drive home between Murdock and Elmwood for many years. I’ve often wanted to stop and take a picture against the ever changing Nebraska sky. Now I have an excuse. My goal is to take regular images as the seasons and weather changes, then stitch them together in a time lapse fashion to represent a yearly “life of a tree”.

Has anyone attempted something like this? If so I’d love to see the result.


Day 127/365: Photographic View of Church

Today was my day of playing around in Photoshop again. This time with plug-ins from Xero-Graphics. The subject my home church of Trinity Lutheran in Murdock Nebraska. I was driving by ans a friend was taking pictures for our upcoming open house dedicating the new fellowship hall. So I stopped, said “Hi” and took a few myself. Turned out to be a perfect subject for some special effects.

Which one do you like best and why?

#1: Straight out of camera (SOOC)

#2; Xero Tweak w/burn edge

#3 Xero Illustrator w/burn edge

#4: Xero Line Art

#5: Not sure which effect, misname it, but it's a xero effect, I can find it again.

Here is a different photograph, but taken at the same time in black and white. I’ll tell you which is my favorite after the comments and voting is tallied.

#6 Different image, taken at the same time, but an effect I like


Day 93/365: Cat on the Porch

Day 93: Cat on the Porch

Day 93: Cat on the Porch

Another trip to the mailbox and a stop at my neighbors house, her cats will be a common subject as the weather gets nicer.  It was a drab overcast day and I was disappointed with the original picture. No sun, no oomph, so I worked some photoshop magic.

Photoshop CS2 Notes: Regular adjustment layers with smart sharpen, then went in and decreased the lighting, bumped up the contrast, and added a warming filter. What a difference! After adding some additional sharpening on the face and whiskers and  I was happy.

SOOC (Straight out of camera)

SOOC (Straight out of camera)

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