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Custom Designed Marine Mom Shirts and Gifts

Since my boys became Marines I have been designing Marine Mom shirts and gifts through CafePress.  I show my pride in my sons and support the United States Marine Corps by designing fun and unique USMC shirts and gifts. My main online store is CafePress, but I also have a Zazzle Marine Shop. Both are a licensed Marine Corps vendors and half of my commissions go directly to the Marine Corps to support Marine programs on base.

I am on many Marine Mom Facebook pages and through heartache and heartache we stand together and support each other. The popular song was an inspiration for this shirt.

Marine Moms Heartache to Heartache we StandMarine Moms Heartache to Heartache we Stand


I am proud to say that over the years thousands of dollars have been directly donated to the United States Marine Corps due to my little hobby.

Here are more of my designs and hundreds more can be found at my CafePress shop. If you would like something specific please send me a message at the bottom of this page, and I’ll make you a one of a kind gift for boot camp or any occasion.

MThis Marine Mom Wears RED on FridayThis Marine Mom Wears RED on FridayMarines Don't Brag, their Moms DoMarines Don’t Brag, their Moms DoUSMC MoM EGA T-ShirtMarine Mom Shirts: USMC MoM EGA T-ShirtOne Proud Marine Mom T-ShirtOne Proud Marine Mom T-ShirtMarine Moms Pray Tank topMarine Moms Pray Tank topSemper Fi Mom Long Sleeve shirtSemper Fi Mom Long Sleeve shirtStrong Proud Marine MomsStrong Proud Marine MomsSemper Fi Marine MomSemper Fi Marine MomMarine Mom Shirts : One Proud Marine Mom T-ShirtOne Proud Marine Mom T-ShirtMarine Mom Psalm 112Marine Mom Psalm 112Proud Mom of a MarineProud Mom of a Marine


Mother of Two Marines

I have two Marine sons and finding shirts that showed the world I had two Marines was impossible to find, so I designed my own and these are my favorites.

Mother of TWO Marines Shirt for that USMC MomMother of TWO Marines, not the honor, just TWICE the Pride

Mother of THREE Marines

I even have a shirts for Moms who have three Marines in the USMC. Why? Because this past year our youngest son joined the Marine Corps and I had to not only get a shirt but a USMC bumper sticker as well. You can imagine the looks I get from other Marine parents.


Marine Mom Key Chains

I may not always be able to wear a t-shirt all the time, but I can carry a USMC key chain every where I go and whenever I see and touch my keys I smile and remember my sons.

USMC Mom Yellow Ribbon Deployment KeychainRed Marine Mom Keychain with EGABlue Marine Mom Keychain with EGAMother of an Awesome Marine Key FobProud Marine Corps ParentProud Mother of a Marine, not the Uniform, just the Pride

Marine Mom Christmas Ornaments

I don’t know a Marine Mom who doesn’t have Marine Corps ornaments on her tree. Many have a specific tree decorated with patriotic USMC decorations and red, white, and blue bulbs. In fact I am one of those moto Marine Moms who adds another ornament to commemorate another year of service. Check out more of my USMC ornaments on a special page I’ve dedicated just to Christmas.

Personalized United States Marine Corps Christmas OrnamentCustom Photo USMC Ornament with yearPersonalizable USMC Christmas Ornament with yearDress Blues USMC Official Seal Ornament with Name and YearGod Bless My MarineUSMC Mom Xmas OrnamentMother of an Awesome MarineProud USMC Mom in Red, White, and Blue

Marine Mom Car Decals, Magnets & Stickers

There must be an unwritten law that every Marine Mom must have at least one US Marine bumper sticker and a few stickers in their window. Of course, there is the obligatory proud parent of a Marine sticker you receive at the recruiting station when you son or daughter enlists. You know, the round Parent of a Marine sticker. I’ve replaced mine several times. Then there is the USMC vanity plates and Marine stickers you collect over the years.

Proud to be a Marine Corps Mom Bumper StickerMarine Mom Vanity License Plate with EGA LogoUSMC Mom Bumper StickerProud Parent of Two Marines Car Bumper sticker

So, if you would like me to design a special Marine Corps gift for you, an Aunt, Grandparent, Uncle or a special Marine I can help. It just so happens that custom and personalized gifts for boot camp or Christmas are my specialty. Go ahead and send me a message and just tell me what you would like.


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