Marine Boot Camp Resources for Parents

Receiving and haircuts at Marine boot campUSMC Boot Camp Resources

Marine boot camp is 13 weeks that just can’t be explained. It is the most difficult recruit training in the United States military.

Recruiters try to give poolees (sworn in recruits waiting to ship) a taste of the physical requirements and often bring a drill instructor to visit, but nothing will prepare them for the moment the DI steps onto the white bus.


Books about Marine Boot Camp

As a parent you want to be informed and know what to expect. You want to know about Marine Corps life and the USMC experience, especially Marine Moms. Read everything you can get your hands on, especially when recruit first signs the dotted line.

Here is a definitive reading list for Marine parents which will prepare you for the boot camp experience. This includes how to prepare, what to expect and experience at both San Diego and Paris Island MCRD

Books about Marine Corps Boot CampThe Parent’s Survival Guide to Marine Corps BootThis Ain’t Your Daddy’s CorpsA New Beginning, A Journey of Faith ThroughSurvival Guide to Marine Corps Boot CampMarine Corps Boot Camp Survival Guide: Everything YouUSMC Boot CampWelcome to Hell: Three and a Half MonthsBoot Camp USMCA Few Good Memories: Tales from USMC BootThe Crucible: Making Marines for the 21st CenturyMarine Corps Boot Camp Quick Guide to TheLetters to Boot Camp (Volume 1)This Is Parris Island – USMC Boot CampParris Island: A Woman’s Memoir Of Marine CorpsWarrior: The Making of A Female MarineBecoming a Female Marine: What to Expect atWhat Every Woman Should Know Before Joining theThe Making of a MarineUSMC Boot Camp Preparation GuideParris Island Daze: My Drill Instructor was TougherYellow Footprints: 1969 Marine Corps Boot CampHard Corps Knowledge: How to Succeed in theEarning the Title: The Making of a United

These books would be a good gift for a young man or woman who is considering joining the United States Marine Corps. It may encourage them, or convince them to change their mind. Which, in many cases isn’t a bad idea. A good Marine knows what to expect and prepares for the hardest and most rewarding journey of  their life.

Learn More About USMC Boot Camp

There are several Facebook groups where you can ask Marine parents about their child’s experience in the USMC. Most of the groups

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  1. My son left Dec 5th. I was not prepared. I am nervous like all get. The not knowing not hearing anything. Thanks for this information. I will start researching a little more.

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