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Escargot in France

Escargot in France

Some of the best things in life is memories surrounding food, cooking and recipes. I love to be creative when it comes to food, whether I prepare it myself, or experience it at a friends house, an event or a restaurant.   I’ve thought for a long time creating personal site to celebrate food and recipes my family have enjoyed over the years. My kids have said “Mom, you need to create a cookbook so I’ll know how to cook my favorite meals.” Yes, there is  joy of experiencing flavors and the camaraderie of feeding your family.

I will post cooking tips and even thought I like my own cooking there may be restaurant reviews. Product reviews will be random, items that strike my fancy or products that are staples in my kitchen that I just can’t live without, brands that I just won’t switch, no matter what.

I take pictures of food, yes it seems crazy but think about when you have been on vacation and go to that amazing restaurant with a salad that is just out of this world. Or, you have just fixed a whole table full of Christmas cookies, don’t you just want to remember it forever? I do, and I like to share. You can follow my Favorite Food board on Pinterest, or check out my other recipes on Squidoo.

Favorite Food and Recipes

Here is just a sampling of some of my food and recipe postings over the years.

Photos of my Favorite Food and Recipes

I told you I love taking photos of my food, it drives my family crazy, just a tad, but I keep telling them you will thank me later. My kids are now starting to visit my blog to learn how to make soup.

Homemade Chinese Food

Chinese Anyone?

Beef Mexican Enchiladas with recipe

Ready to Eat!



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