Original Elf on A Shelf Before It Was Popular

The Elf on A Shelf craze seems to be everywhere, but Santa’s little helper isn’t new. My grandmother gave me a small knee hugger elf to hang on the tree in the 1960’s, it is one of the few things I have from my Dads’s Mom and I don’t even remember meeting her. All I know is the little pixie with the bell on top was one of my favorite ornaments.

Original Elf on a Shelf

My Mother in law really got into the Christmas elves, and sitting on the kitchen shelf are about 20 knee-hugger Christmas elves in various poses around miniature Christmas trees set up in a Christmas scene.. These little guys don’t get into mischief and they don’t tattle to Santa. They are just cute and whimsical.

Large Elf on a Shelf

They came in various sizes, the large ones were 14″ and designed to sit on a shelf, but the small ones were meant to hide on the Christmas tree and sometimes they moved around. I love the faces on these vintage Elves, the new ones just don’t have the same personality. You can almost see the mischief in his eyes below.

Red Elf on a Shelf

Elf on a Shelf Craze

Retro is in, what is old is new again and the famous fairy became popular again with the 2004 book and posable red and white costumed figure that moves around the house causing mischief while reporting to Santa whether the kids in the house have been naughty or nice. It’s more of the elf being naughty when he’s away from Santa though as I’ve seen photos of the pixie making a mess with cereal, unrolling the bathroom tissue, and getting in compromising positions.

Elf on the Shelf:A Christmas Tradition (brown-eyed boy scout elf)

Cute Elf on a Shelf

My friend Andrew gets into the holiday spirit not just during Christmas but his costumes are famous all year round on airplanes, hotels and out and about in Omaha. This December he dressed as a life size Elf on the Shelf and was greeted by smiles by kids young and old. Parents took pictures of him with their kids, and he heard whispers and giggles at airports.

You may find this cute, but naughty elf pushing all the buttons on the elevator, ot getting trouble with the bubble wrap, but mostly he’s just bringing smiles to people from the photo lab, to those in his condo. But I really believe he just has fun himself and enjoys everyday to it’s fullest, whether he is an elf or cupid.

Life size Elf on a Shelf played by Andrew Dean

I don’t know how popular this new craze will become. I’ve seen a post about “renting a Elf on a Shelf” for your party (I’m sure Andrew would do that), and I’ve seen the baby Elf posed in various places by his Father who is a photographer, but there will be only one true live Elf on a Shelf for me and that’s the one above with the over sized imagination and love of life.

Elf on a Shelf Costume

If you, or your friends want to bring the Elf on the Shelf magic and fun to your Holiday season the costume can be found on Amazon. I would love to see pictures of your adventures, or even photos of a vintage elf from your childhood.

Rasta Imposta Men’s Elf On A Shelf, Red/White, One Size

Origins of Elf on a Shelf

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