Part 3: Newborn Puppy Photography

Newborn Puppy Photography

Newborn infant photography is very popular, and the concept is the same for newborn puppies. At this age the pups are very accepting to being posed. Taking photographs of the pups was my summer project and I’m a little embarrassed on how many I took. So I just won’t say. I did have a few goals in mind with the photographs, I wanted to document the puppies journey from birth and give a CD of photos to their new families.

My other goal was to learn how to use my new Canon 7D camera which I bought the week before the pups were born. By the way, this camera is now discontinued by Canon so you can get a GREAT deal on it now. But it’s in limited quantity. It’s a legitimate pro camera, several steps up from a Rebel, but at the same price now. I loved my Rebel and I got some amazing photographs from it, but due to an unforeseen event a replacement was necessary. (I may get into that later, but not ready yet)

A white Boxer pup, Leahs puppies from herfirst litter in 2015, she is our fist Boxer but not our last.


Here are just a couple of my favorite photographs. I actually won a purple ribbon at the county fair with the brindle Boxer puppy below. At this age cradling a pup in some very masculine hands brings out their baby characteristics and vulnerability. The big friendly looking guy above is six-foot eight inches tall, he’s a big teddy bear himself.

I wish I had a studio set up with box lights, but this time I only had a basement with limited lighting. Mama at this point didn’t want her pups taken very far. So the ISO was pretty high at 1600. My human models were wearing solid colored shirts (for the most part) so the background didn’t compete with the subject.  At ten days of age puppies spend much of their time sleeping so photography was a matter of more posing and trying to get proper lighting. Next litter I will be more prepared.

Boxer Puppy 1 wk old posing for puppy photography

As they grew puppy photography got more challenging. I cranked up the shutter speed and hoped for the best. It was like taking photos of toddlers, but with four feet instead of two.

Puppies Open Their Eyes

Unlike humans, puppies and kittens are born with their eyes closed, their eyes don’t open until around ten days of age. Until then they rely on smell and touch. That’s why it’s very important to get new puppies used to your smell early. They crawl to Mama by smell and hearing. I was very curious to see if the white Boxer pups would have blue eyes, and was ecstatic when they did, but like many human babies their eye color changes with age.

Much like Dalmatian puppies, most white Boxer puppies don’t have any markings when they are born, but as they grow their black spots and black noses appeared in place of their pink noses.

Sweet Puppy Breath, or Not

The term sweet puppy breath is a nice thought, and true for the most part, but while the pups were nursing they have what I call “milk poops”, it’s creamy yellow, it stinks, and Leah, being the good Mother licks their bottoms and cleans it up. Yuck! It’s completely normal, natural, and a sign of a good mother.

During the first week I barely noticed any yellow poops on the sheets and blankets, however as the weeks progressed bedding was changed and washed twice a day, AND the air purifier ran all the time. I LOVED my water air purifier. I did not want to walk into the basement family room and have it smell like a kennel.

Royal Line Pro (R) Deluxe Illuminated Water Based Air Purifier Humidifier Revitalizer Cleaner Fragrance Dispenser Aroma Therapy Machine! Beautiful Pearl/Light Silver with LED Lights! Pro Model!

Boxer pups at two weeks of age are much like 8 month old babies, they are semi mobile, can scoot around a little, exploring their immediate surroundings is high on their priority list, but they don’t know a world outside of two feet yet.

So for now the baby pool still acts as their nursery area, just like a playpen or a baby gate works for a human infant. Next week, watch out! Puppies are active and playing! They also begin nibbling on solid food. Where is the time going?

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