M&M Christmas Pretzels, a Holiday Tradition

Countdown to Christmas: M&M Pretzels

Christmas Pretzels with M&MsIn addition to Christmas cookies, I also make Christmas pretzels, AND I do it the easy way.

It used to be hard to find circle pretzels, but most groceries stores have them now during the holidays. Where to get circle pretzels the rest of the year is the challenge.

Fill circle pretzels with almond bark and plop an M&Min the middle. Years ago it was difficult to find circle pretzels, there was a hunt to find them in the grocery stores.

Now they are everywhere. I used to dip the regular twisted variety, but that takes too much time.

Mint Christmas M&Ms are even available!!

Hershey holiday M&Ms come in red and green and are perfect to give your cookie and candy plates that splash of color.  Simply spoon the melted chocolate into the center of the pretzels.

You can also use a frosting gun to squirt the melted almond bark into the pretzel centers.

M&M’s Mint Chocolate, Christmas Red, Green and White Candies, 9.9oz Bags 2 Pack

Making Christmas Pretzels

Using a Pampered Chef frosting gun

Why Use a Double Boiler?

Many people chose to microwave their chocolate, but I think it’s too risky. It doesn’t take too much heat before the chocolate gets too hot, seize up and become hard.

I don’t get fancy with melting chocolate, almond bark is fine with me and I place the squares on a double boiler on the stove. The chocolate is double boiler melts slower and there is no risk of burning or the chocolate separating.

How to Use a Double Boiler

A double boiler is easy to use. It’s basically a metal bowl or pot placed over a boiling pot of water.  Put about an inch to 2 inches of water in the bottom pan and place your melting chocolate in the top pan.

Turn the stovetop to medium high and your chocolate melts slowly into perfect liquid chocolate.



I’m off to dip pretzels now, you see, nothing is safe during the Christmas season when it comes to chocolate, I make more than Christmas Pretzels, I make pretzel rods, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered marshmallows, and chocolate covered apricots.

If you are still looking at making some quick and easy gifts, consider making up these DIY Gifts White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels. Chocolate dipped pretzels are always a great gift to give to that hard to buy for person on …

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