Count Down To Christmas: USMC Christmas Tree Ornaments

It is now December 2nd, and day number two on my Count Down to Christmas. I love the holiday season and everything about it including Christmas carols, outdoor light displays, making candy, baking cookies, and especially my personalized Christmas tree ornaments.

I Love Christmas Tree Ornaments

To me Christmas trees are a journey through life and memories of family and friends. My Christmas tree is a memory tree, each ornament has a meaning or is significant. The tradition is each year I buy a Christmas ornament for each one of my kids which represents their life for that year. The promise is when each of them gets married and starts a family their box of ornaments will go with them to start their own family tree.

For instance when my daughter played softball, it was a softball athlete. When we took a ski trip to Colorado it was a skiing ornament from the resort. You get the picture. Marine Moms are very sentimental and I would have to say every Marine Mom in the country has at LEAST one USMC Christmas Tree Ornament on their tree. In fact I know some Marine Moms who decorate full trees in a patriotic theme with red, white and blue accents.

USMC Christmas Tree Ornaments

Day 28: US Marine Corp Ornament

Our tradition is to open the ornaments first on Christmas Eve and although my boys don’t like to be Motards with a lot of Marine Corps paraphernalia but, they do like and appreciate their Marine Corps ornaments. The ornament above was the first one I gave to my oldest son his first year in the Corps.

I’ve started shopping for this years, but I can’t spoil the surprise for my boys my posting it here. So for those Marine Mom’s looking for Marine or military holiday decorations or themed Christmas tree ornaments here are a few selections.

Marine Corps Ornaments on Amazon

I like Amazon, it’s fast, reliable, and if there are any shipping issues it’s taken care of promptly. They also have the biggest selection and have just about EVERYTHING! How do you like to decorate your tree, is it thematic, color coordinated, or a memory tree?

Ornament Central OC-058 Armed Forces Marine OrnamentCafePress Marine Corps Cover Ornament Round Ornament – Standard WhiteHallmark QGO1453 Our Hero – 2014 Keepsake OrnamentU.S. Marine Corps Ornament~Pewter & Enamel~Made in USA~Personalized Marine Corps Christmas OrnamentMarine Seal Ornament with Red Ribbon

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  1. I think a military-themed Christmas tree is a wonderfully patriotic idea, especially for those who have loved ones serving their country. I will be passing this forward!

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