The great Chicago Pizza Debate

Mention food in Chicago and many people automatically think Chicago Pizza, then the discussion and debate begins on what is the best Chicago pizza in the city. I grew up in Connecticut and we had some pretty mean pizza there, you know the kind, deep dish pizza from a family owned restaurant, rich in tradition and so big it had to be cut in squares.

Chicago pizza

Giordano’s Meat & More Meat pizza

Chicago Pizza

People love to talk about food and when you mention you are from out of town the conversation normally goes like this

“Are you going to get some pizza”,

“Of course, but I haven’t decided yet from where”,

“Well you can’t go wrong with Giordano’s or Pizano’s

Those two places are mentioned the most, which makes sense, both are ranked highest on Chicago’s 10 Best Pizzas list by So on my weekend trip to see my son the deciding factor was who would deliver to his apartment. Giordano’s won.

My Review of Giordano’s Famous Stuffed PizzaChicago Pizza

This is a massively thick double crust pizza, you can tell it has some meat just by the weight. I judge the cheese quality by how an individual piece pulls apart from main pizza. It should leave a string of cheese trailing back to the pizza and you should have to grab it to claim that mozzarella for yourself.

The crust should be soft and moist, not dry and hard. You should want to eat the last bit of crust as if it were a stand alone Italian bread. Last but not least, the toppings should stay on the crust, not slide off (that’s a sign of a cheap pizza). On all these account Giordano’s passed with flying colors.

It is expensive, our large Meat & More Meat stuffed pizza pie (with tip) came to $30, but it did feed four of us with leftovers for the next day.

Giordano’s is so popular they will even ship pizza nationwide to anyone missing that “back home” pizza they remembered living in Chicago. Now that’s some serious pizza dedication. The price actually isn’t bad. A four pizza pack is $89 (not including shipping), packed in dry ice and delivered in two days.


2 Lou Malnati’s Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizzas (1 Sausage & 1 Pepperoni)Chicago Deep Dish Pizza – Gino’s East Deep Dish Pizzas

Since I published this article I’ve gotten several other additions to this list and Lou Malnati’s keeps coming up as another favorite. You can also order Malnati’s pizza anywhere in the country from the comfort of your living room, and have it delivered. Ok, you may have to plan a little bit, but if you order on Tuesday you can have Chicago pizza for your weekend party. If you prefer Gino’s deep dish pizza you can order it as well.

I’m actually surprised it’s not as expensive as I thought. We ate a Pizano’s in Lincoln Nebraska and paid the same for one Primo pizza as having two Chicago pizzas delivered. So if you are native Chicagoan, have moved, and crave your favorite pizza, you can still get your fix.

Favorite Chicago Pizza From People Who ACTUALLY LIVE in Chicago

  • Giordano’s
  • Bacinos
  • Lou Malnati’s
  • Rosati’s
  • Leona’s
  • Suparossa
  • Connie’s

What Chicago Pizza is Your Favorite?



4 thoughts on “The great Chicago Pizza Debate

  1. Hi again! Sorry, Giordano’s is horrible. Only tourists eat there mainly. You didn’t know. For Chicago Deep Dish Pizza (and I am the guy to ask) I like 1. Connie’s 2. Gino’s East and 3. Lou Malnatti’s.
    But well over 90% of Chicago pizza is thin crust. It is usually crisp, not soft and usually cut in squares.
    I love NY pizza as well. And the NY Pizza in Chicago is horrible. I had great NY Pizza when I lived in Orlando, fyi.
    I love to talk pizza! Obviously

  2. Rosati’s thin crust, Leona’s thin crust,… and anyone bashing Giordano as a tourist trap but then pushing Lou Malnati’s and Gino’s east isn’t even from Chicago. They’re from some weird place that doesn’t know a pizza from a gyros. Giordano’s simply rocks. Suparossa also makes a superior pie.

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