Deployed Dad Writes his Daughter a Song

This deployed dad1 knows how hard being away from is on his family, especially his little girl, and he wanted to make her feel better. Most military children understand that Mommy or Daddy is doing a very important job for the country and the other parent takes on not only the double task of parenting but also comforting, reassuring and keeping the connection strong. But it doesn’t make it any less painful or lonely.

Today is Friday and many people use this day to remind others that our military is still deployed overseas in countries far away from their family.

In this day of technology, cell phones, iPads, internet, Facebook overseas communication is much easier and faster than years ago when you waited for a letter in the mail or the rare phone call. Facetime, Snapchat, and Skype are sometimes nightly rituals with servicemen and women to stay in contact with their families. They might use it to help their children with homework, watch a birthday party, or even the birth of a new baby.

He is currently a Fort Drum soldier on deployment in Afghanistan and enlisted the help of his fellow soldiers to sing a song to his daughter who is missing him back in Watertown, NY. Sgt. First Class  Jamie McIntyre is on his fifth deployment to Afghanistan and says his 5-year-old daughter Jessie, was missing her dad and having a tough time dealing with him being away from home.

To cheer her up, McIntyre asked some fellow soldiers to help him write and sing a song to Jessie using Facetime. In the video, McIntyre – who is of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team with the 10th Mountain Division – is the soldier positioned third from the left.

Thank you to all the deployed Dads and Moms and everyone in the military who serve our great country. You sacrifice your lives, and have found ways to endure, carry on and keep the bonds strong at home.

Red Friday remember Everyone Deployed