Glory Laud and Honor, My Favorite Hymn for Palm Sunday

Sometimes I think I look forward to Palm Sunday more than Easter. It’s when I get to sing Glory Laud and Honor and memories of my Godmother and growing up in a small country church in Connecticut. The significance of Palm fronds on Palm Sunday represents Jesus Christs triumphant entrance into Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. It is the beginning of Holy Week for Christians and the celebration of His coming was a marked difference in how Christ was treated just a few days later on Good Friday.

Glory Laud and Honor

Traditional Hymn for Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week

At my small country church of Grace Episcopal in Broad Brook Connecticut we would be handed palms and then the whole church would parade around the church waving them and singing Glory Laud and Honor.The windows in the church would be open and the organ would echo the full refrain in celebration.

My Godmother, Alice Turcotte, would hold my hand and smile at me as if this was the most wonderful moment ever. She often told me this was her favorite hymn, and it has held a special place in my heart ever since. Below you can listen and sing along with the lyrics to the traditional hymn.


Granny Turcotte was a wonderful person, after her husband died she was a foster parent to over twenty special needs kids and raised a brother and sister with muscular dystrophy  from infant to adulthood. With the crowds on Easter morning was harder and harder to bring Mary and James to Easter service. The regulars in the congregation knew them, didn’t stare, and thus made the service easier and welcoming. She would often skip Easter service and attend Palm Sunday service as she got older. She celebrated life as if every day were Palm Sunday, she was the epitome of what a Godmother is supposed to be and took her role seriously.

We went to her church where I went to  Sunday school and repeated the lessons to her after church, she helped me learn the Lords Prayer, and had me recite my confirmation lessons and memory work. She gave me my first Bible and was there when I was confirmed. She died in 1988 and every Palm Sunday when I sing Glory Laud and Honor I get a lump in my throat as I remember her and the impact she had in my life.

Grace Episcopal church

Grace Episcopal church in Broad Brook Connecticut

Small country church in Broad Brook CT

Small country church in Broad Brook CT

I have been a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Murdock Nebraska for over twenty years and when I woke up this morning the first thing I thought of is I would get to hear and sing Glory Laud and Honor in church this morning. The tradition at Trinity is to hold the youth confirmation ceremony on Palm Sunday, and how appropriate it is to celebrate the newly confirmed members of the church.

Listen to a Palm Sunday sermon

Sheet Music for Glory Laud and Honor

It never fails, every Palm Sunday I come home, sit at my piano, play Glory Laud and Honor, and remember a wonderful lady who greatly influenced my life.

All Glory, Laud, and Honor ORGAN edition (HL-5017), Five Festive Pieces for Handbells andAll Glory, Laud, and HonorAll Glory Laud and Honor – SATB, Piano – Sheet MusicAlfred 00-25729 What Can I Play on Sunday- Book 2- March & April Services

What memories of church do you remember most? How do you celebrate Holy Week and Easter?

Glory Laud and Honor: History and Information

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The traditional opening anthem for Palm Sunday services, as performed at King’s College, Cambridge, last year. The tune is “St. Theodulph” by Melchior Teschner (1584-1635), arranged by William Henry Monk (1823-1889).

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