Marine Mom Challenge Coin

Look what I just found! A Marine Mom Challenge Coin, I didn’t even know they made them. If my Marine Corps sons ever read my blog this is a big hint for my birthday, Mothers Day, or Christmas. (no more need for a hint) Both my sons have received Challenge coins from their superiors while in the Marines. They have also purchased commemorative coins to recognize their service. I love the meaning behind them and how they chronicle events in a Marines life.

Proud Marine Mom Challenge Coin in the military tradition of the United States Marine Corps

I recently took did a photography shoot of all of their coins when they were home on leave. Some I have transformed them into cards and other gifts, but many I just took photos of for posterity. But, I didn’t know there was a challenge coin for Marine Mothers.

 I’ve since had inquiries on Twitter whether the company makes Proud Army Mom or Proud Navy Mom challenge coins, and they certainly do. So if you have a soldier for a son or daughter, or a sailor you too can have a challenge coin to keep in your pocket, purse, or on your desk as a talisman or sorts. As military Moms, we have our challenges of our own, we have to know what to say, what not to say, all in supporting our sons and daughters.

UPDATE: I’m not sure if my son read my blog or not, but he was home shortly after Mothers Day and after handing me a “fake” Mothers Day gift he then handed me a small packet, then put his hand over his mouth as he was hiding a smile and a smirk. I did get my Marine Mom Challenge coin. I keep it with me in my purse and love it. My son’s are so thoughtful.

Marine Mom and her son

Yes you can say I’m a pretty proud Marine Mom. I have my coin, I have my shirt and I have my bumper stickers on my car. I also have a necklace and a few USMC blankets. I don’t get to see my boys very often, but whenever I see or use one of my US Marine gifts I think of them and get a little teary eyed.

If you’re looking for a Marine Mom gift you can’t go wrong with any of the below items.

Marine Mom Gifts

Marine Mom Dog Tag NecklaceMarine Mom Hooded Sweatshirt in Dark Heather GrayCafePress One Proud Marine Mom T-Shirt Women’s DarkWhite 6in X 6.5in — Proud Marine MomMarine Mom Mother’s Day Dog Tag MMFNecklace: USMC Strong Pendant Necklace by The Bradford


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  1. This is a excellent gesture from a wonderful son. You should be so proud. Glad to hear that you finally received your Marine Mom challenge coin. Great post!!

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