The Title Marine is Earned During Boot Camp and the Crucible

The Marine Corps Crucible

The title U.S. Marine is not given, it is earned. A young boy or girl, upon entry into Marine boot camp at MCRD, is called a recruit, not a Marine. Thus the name Marine Corps Recruit Depot. They must earn the title during 13 weeks of rigorous training during boot camp. It is not until the completion of the Crucible the recruits are finally called Marines.

Marien Corps Recruit training ends with the Crucible

The Crucible is the last test of Marine recruit training and held during Phase Three of training. It is 54 hour test over 45 miles of marching teamwork and leadership. It epitomizes endurance, a brotherhood, and a no man left behind mentality among the warrior.

Marine Corps Boot Camp Quick Guide to The Crucible

Recruits use problem solving skills to maneuver and accomplish tasks at challenging stations which replicate real world situations, named after famous Marines and battles. They survive on only a few hours of sleep during the Crucible, eating a a few MRE’s to sustain themselves and if lucky they get tossed an apple or orange, which they devour.

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At the end is the last 12 mile march ending with “The Reaper*”, a hill so intimidating it is a legend among Marines. Up it they hike, with 60 lb packs, trying not to be last in line and helping their buddies along the way who falter. It’s a right of passage to climb the top, onto the parade deck, see the flags waving, music playing and to have placed in your hand, the Eagle, Globe and Anchor which indicates they have finally earned the right to be called a United States Marine.

*The Reaper a hill unique to the San Diego MCRD boot camp experience

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