Colonel Tom Brewer: Warrier to Congressman

I am honored to know Tom Brewer, and his family. I don’t normally venture into politics on my blog, photography is my gig, but have made a few exceptions, Colonel Tom Brewer is reason to make that exception.  The more I learn about politics the more I’m fed up and tired of politics as usual and the career politicians who place their own interest first. We need more people in Washington that love America, understand what freedoms we truly have, and are willing to fight to keep that freedom.

Colonel Tom Brewer for Congress 2014

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We have a commander in chief who has never served in the military, who doesn’t understand international politics and policies and has made decisions that have not only hurt our country but put thousands of our men and women in the military in harms way and placed them in danger.

This is where my endorsement (for what it’s worth) and political stance is front and center. I totally believe, trust and stand behind Colonel Tom Brewer for Congress for the third district in Nebraska. I have been fortunate to know him and his family for many years as they have lived in Eastern Nebraska and his kids have gone to the same high school as mine. His daughter is a good friend of my sons and I think the world of her.Click to the Colonel Tom Brewer for Congress 2014

Tom has not only served his country with honor and commitment, stood in the line of fire to protect his men, but also been placed in diplomatic leadership positions with international leaders and advisers. He was critical in helping build the Afghan National Army in the years after 9/11. There is much I can say about the man and his values, but I have decided to link to the media stories and interviews to let him tell it himself.

People in the third district don’t have “bad” things to say about Adrian Smith, but they really can’t say something positive he’s done either. Although it has come to light that Rep Adrian Smith In a recent poll in the Grand Island Independent  more than 70% think the 3rd District needs a military man to represent them in Congress.

Since then Colonel Brewer has taken Congressman Smith to task for not supporting the families of the men killed at Benghazi and has urged him to support HR 36 which would would support Congressional action to investigate the terrorist attack on Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

Tom Brewer speaks about Benghazi

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I have been following the events of Benghazi from the beginning as my oldest son was at Camp Bastion just a few months before the attack and it really hit close when men he knew and worked with died and were injured in the attack. Colonel Brewer knew and served with Navy SEAL Glen Doherty and in a radio interview this week stated the following:

“The mortars used to kill Americans on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi had American tail fin numbers. They were killed with our own weapons. And for the life of me, I don’t understand why Congressman Adrian Smith will not support an investigation that would allow the truth to come out.”

What is going on in Washington? Why are some state representatives hiding their head in the sand? The sitting Republican Congressman Adrian has time and time again turned down Tom Brewers request to debate before the primary. What is he afraid of, I say let’s get Tom Brewer elected, send him to Washington and let him take names and kick butt.


I encourage you to visit his website, contribute what you can, pass his information along to anyone in the country. It’s not just Nebraska he represents but all veterans, patriots and Americans. If you have contacts in the media or in the press get them in contact with Colonel Brewer and his campaign office. He not only has a story to tell, but is a leader who will get things done in Washington.

Colonel Tom Brewer Official Links

Video Stories

Nebraska Soldier retires After 36 years


Watch the Brewer vs Smith Debate

Watch the Republican primary debate between Tom Brewer and Adrian Smith at decide for yourself who won the political debate. I have watched many political debates over the years and Tom Brewer did a fantastic job in my opinion, you would never know he hasn’t debated before, or been in the political area. I didn’t know he had such a public speaking presence.

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 Political Interviews

Learn where Tom Brewer stands on abortion (Pro-Life), the second Amendment (life time NRA member), Benghazi, immigration, the national budget, national defense, the Keystone Pipeline, the Tea Party, immigration, leadership, and more important issues facing our country today. He has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in domestic and international affairs.

Articles About Colonel Tom Brewer

Tom Brewers Military Career


Chronicles the attack near Kabul Afghanistan where Tom Brewer and his men were outnumbered 10 to one, yet they held off the enemy for more than an hour before support arrived. Tom Brewer was shot six times yet still continued to fight and received his first Purple Heart.

If you know Colonel Tom Brewer you understand what he stands for, if you don’t get to know this man, he will tackle Washington like he has him military life, with honor and commitment.


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  1. A very impressive article!! I’m a high school friend of Col Tom and I said the same thing To Tom at a town hall meeting months ago, that his next step would be president! :-)

  2. Leadership is about action, not broken promises, hidden agendas, hiding lies of killing our own men and political words. Tom’s track record has gained my vote and confidence.

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