Homemade Cheesy Potato Bacon Soup

What is better than a hearty meal in the winter time, soup, but not any soup, but “Cheesy, Ham, Sausage, Potato BACON Soup”. Yes, I said Bacon, almost a whole lb of bacon goes into this hearty warm potato soup and I’m not apologetic.

We are kinda bacon addicts in our house and now that bacon is hip popular again we don’t have to hide from the health nazis anymore.Cheesy potato Soup

I don’t like the cold of winter, but I do love soup season. There is something comforting, snug and warm about the cold wind howling outside and sitting on the couch with your hands wrapped around a warm bowl that just creates memories of home.

Although I didn’t grown up making soup it has become my winter passion for the past several years.  I haven’t had a can of Campbells in my cupboard for year. But I always have individual zip twist containers of frozen soup in the freezer.

Every batch or potato soup is a little different. Sometimes it’s thick and creamy other times it is full of chunky potatoes, ham, carrots, peas and celery.

Last weekend I made a large stock pot  and we ate it all day long then had enough for Monday for our lunches.

This year I have made chicken and rice soup, venison stew, chicken noodle soup and of course chili.

Cheesy Potato Bacon Soup Recipe

Click Here for Recipe for potato bacon soup recipe

Click Here for Recipe for potato bacon soup recipe

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