My Youngest Graduates High School

The day has come, I am an empty nester and my youngest has graduated from high school. It was a wild month leading up to the graduation ceremony and the graduation party. But I was so happy and glad we did everything to make the day and weekend special. When I mean everything it included a photo-booth, chocolate covered strawberries, and photo candy favors.

It took me three weeks to recuperate, I think that’s a sign I’m getting older. Here are just a few from her party and graduation. I was twice that year as my step daughter graduated from the same school. We had two parties, two sets of photos, twice as many pictures. But I had fun and wouldn’t have changed a thing. Ok, maybe not dipped so many chocolate covered strawberries, but that’s another story.

High School graduation, a milestone event

Receiving your diploma at High School graduation, a milestone event (my daughter)

These young adults are now on their way into adulthood, college, jobs, the military and places and experiences unknown.  As parents we supported them in their activities, tried to correct behavior, and guided them in the ways of the world. It is now up to them.

High School Graduation Photos

I won’t even say how many photos I took during the period between preparation, the ceremony and the party, but the number is somewhere near 1000, yeah, I know I’m a little obsessive when it comes to photography. But I had so many good ideas for future blog postings. Like I have the time to write them all. So much food, so many recipes.

But the key to good high school graduation photos is the candid photos with friends. The intimate moments of laughter, crying, hand holding and the jubilation of graduating from high school and looking forward to the future.

The graduation party favors ideas I found on Pinterest and I designed them in Photoshop. They were so popular I created an Etsy listing, (yes I’m on Etsy now) I will create the design for you with a supplied photo and you can print off as many as you want and have a wrapping party.

Order Rolo candy graduation caps templates to print yourself from Etsy

Click to order Rolo candy graduation cap templates to print yourself (senior photos of my step daughter)

Graduation candy favors

Order candy favor wrappers from Etsy, personalized with your seniors photo and graduating year

I thought I would float the graduation rubber ducks in the punch, like I did the rubber ducks for a baby shower, but they kept sinking, beak first . Didn’t matter they still made cute table decorations.


My two sons graduated years ago and I kept several of their decorations. That saved some money. Since one party was a week before the other I could reuse decorations from one girl to the next, to a point. Each had their own style and wanted to personalize their own celebration, which is the way it should be.

Popular Graduation Party Decorations

High school graduation is special and is represents not only the end of their general school career but is a starting point for adulthood. Many parents will post photographs that represent the journey from infant to adult hood to compare how they have changed and grown. Posting and presenting athletic trophies, music awards and even custom bobble head figures is not only fun but a great ice breaker.

Then and Now FramePersonalized Then and Now Graduation Frame – Graduation Gift

There are so many themed party ideas and you can go crazy on Pinterest with decorations. How I decided what to choose was was how much decorating real estate could I get for my money. Streamers, balloons and banners do a great job if you are on a budget. The one thing I wish I had was an electric balloon pump.

Signstek Electric Portable Household Air Blower Electric Balloon Air Pump Inflator with 17000pa 2 Nozzles 900L/min Air VolumeTie-A-BalloonQUICKIE BALLOON CLIPS (100 PIECES) – BULK

We didn’t rent helium tanks and instead had a balloon party and sat around physically blowing up and tying balloons. Not easy to do. After an hour of this I was light headed and we had a hundred balloons on the floor and our fingers felt like they had been put through a vice. There is an easy way to fill balloons, I just wish I had done it back then.

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