Patriotic Video: America, I Love You

This patriotic video might just make you forget the recent government scandals so prevalent right now. Although it seems patriotism and confidence in the United States is waning or lacking. I don’t think it’s true. Yes, if you listen to talk radio, or watch CNN or other news channels you might be depressed and discouraged. But I tell you, there are good people all across this country doing good things, helping out neighbors, serving in the military because they love where they live.

Keep Us Safe because Freedome is Not Free

Korean War Memorial: Washington DC on Memorial Day

When American citizens are left alone, without government intervention we help each other out and stand side by side during tragedies such as the recent Oklahoma tornadoes.

In this week leading up to Memorial Day, I want to remind people the greatness of the American people outside the Washington Beltway. Memorial Day is not only a day to remember our veterans and those who died serving our country but to gather together as families worship and celebrate life, and remember those who have died and left an impact on our lives.

America I love YouMarine Corps Graduation, San Diego CA I’ve wanted to create a patriotic video that includes the many photographs I’ve taken over the years that have a military theme, or veterans theme, but didn’t have the appropriate music. This song “America, I Love You” was written by my friend Steve Raybine, a jazz musician in Omaha, Nebraska. I first heard it last fall and fell in love with it and he graciously allowed me to use it for the video.

Veterans of all our wars deserve our thanks for making the sacrifice and serving their country. This includes not only the modern wars in Afghanistan and Iraq during Operation Enduring Freedom, Desert Shield, and Storm but the often forgotten Vietnam and Korean Veterans, along with those veterans from WWII and WWI.

It is the men and women of the Marine Corps, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and our National Guard that spend days away from family and friends, whether abroad or stationed in the United States, that serve to protect our freedom. We owe them our thanks for volunteering for a job many would never consider.The Flag Still Stands For Freedom

As you participate in Memorial Day celebrations, parades and picnics, stop by a cemetery and read the inscriptions on the War Memorials of soldiers from the French Indian War and even the Civil War. If you are lucky enough to live in New England search out the Revolutionary War cemeteries. Those soldiers truly fought for our freedom and Independence. They are the reason we celebrate the 4th of July.

If you recognize some of the photos it’s because they are some of my favorites from my Washington DC trip when my kids marched in the Memorial Day Parade and include the World War II Memorial, United States Marine Corps Memorial, Veterans Memorial, Korean War Memorial and other images of freedom and sacrifice.

I was really quite surprised I had so many photographs of the American Flag and color guards taken at various parades. It never fails to give me a chill when the American Legion leads a parade with the flags and people stand to applaud, salute or put their hand over their heart.
My goal is to create a national sensation with this song. Patriotic pride needs to once again resonate through the land. So reblog this post, tweet it, post it to your Facebook page and PIN it on PINTEREST, let’s see how far this video and song can spread.

So post this for Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day and all other patriotic holidays.

Thank you and God Bless.

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  1. Your images perfectly captured the beauty and spirit of America and her people and this wonderful song was the perfect complement to the images. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful tribute to those currently serving our country and our veternans.

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