Inspirational Moments in Sports: Nebraska Huskers Football Spring Game and a 7 year old Boy

Inspirational Moments in Sports

Team Jack,  aka Jack Hoffman and the Nebraska Cornhuskers, has forever changed the best inspirational moments in sports and I don’t think that is going to change soon. What started as a six-year old’s last wish, to meet his favorite Husker football player turned into an ESPN 2012 Best Moment in Sports history.

Unforgettable Moment at the Nebraska Football Spring Game

The Nebraska Huskers are not only a football powerhouse team, but the players on this spring day in 2013 showed their very human side as it was just not a football game, but a lesson in compassion and integrity. Bo Pelini leads his players through a scrimmage and gave 60,000 fans a memory they will never forget.

Yes, you heard right.

Sixty thousand plus fans come out every year just to watch the Red: White game where the first team scrimmages against the second team in the final spring practice before the pre-season practice in late summer. The highest attendance of any NCAA team in the country. Why are Nebraska fans so loyal? You will soon find out.

The Nebraska football spring game is normally a glorified practice. But this one will stick out in my mind as the best one yet.

Not only were “special” drills sprinkled in throughout the quarters as a “game break” to give the fans a taste of creative drills such as the “Good Hands” and the “Never Give Up” drill, but a special 4th quarter touchdown was made my a special seven-year-old player, Jack Hoffman.

Jack gets his dream, score a touchdown for the Huskers.

Jack gets his dream, score a touchdown for the Huskers.

Jack Hoffman has been a special fan and friend of Rex Burkehead for two years and the whole team has gathered around him and supported him in his fight against pediatric brain cancer called Team Jack Foundation. Saturday he wore Burkehead’s number 22 and ran 69 yards for a touchdown which actually went on the board for the Red team.

There were very few dry eyes in the stadium and the entire team rushed the end zone and held Jack high on their shoulders. Watch for yourself and maybe, just maybe, the lesson that sports are more than just winning will be apparent.

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Sports is about more than winning. The team is more than just individuals. Support Team Jack as the Nebraska Huskers help raise money for pediatric brain cancer with a donation or an official Nebraska licensed brain tumor shirt.

Nebraska Husker football is not just a game, it’s an event.

Even during the spring game, the carnival environment is in full force with food, tailgating and getting together with family and friends.

Inspirational sports moment at the Nebraska football spring game on tv

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