Terminal Lance: Dueling Knife Hands

I rocked this past Christmas! Yup, got the perfect gifts for my Marines, “Terminal Lance” a comic for Marines, written by a United States Marine. It just so happened my Lance Corporal son opened his Knifehand comic before his brother, the Corporal. What ensued was quite the scene.

United States Marine opens Christmas gift

“This is Awesome”

As David opened his present a smirk came across his face. He immediately covered the title and began to tease and taunt his older Marine brother. “You won’t guess what I got, and you can’t have it! It’s awesome!” (said with great possessiveness and gloating)

Marine with Terminal Lance Knifehands

“You don’t get one. You’re no longer a Lance, so you’re no longer part of the underground” The taunting continues, remember these are men (did I just say that of my sons??) and they are quibbling like six year olds.

After about 30 minutes the Marine Corporal got to his copy of “Knife Hands, Terminal Lance” under the tree.

Marines square off with Knife-Hands

Marines square off with Knife-Hands

You can pretty much get the gist of the conversation just by the expression on his face. “I do so rank! I have my own copy of Terminal Lance, so there! HA!”

Terminal Lance is a mature comic written by Lance Corporal Maximilian Uriarte, USMC to poke fun at the various absurdities in the Marine Corps. Both my sons love this comic and my youngest had me send his the weekly editions during boot camp.

Terminal Lance

Terminal Lance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each comic is accompanied by an essay that explains the back story. If you’re a Marine Mom I caution, before you head to the Terminal Lance site, you may not want to read the essays. They may render you blind. But it’s Marine, adult, male humor, and not meant for Mom’s. I made this mistake last summer as I read one particular essay and immediately had a visual image of my youngest son I did NOT want in my brain.

I do read the website, and the Facebook page, because, in a way it’s how I understand my boys. I learn a little of the lingo, a little Marine culture, and thus feel as though I share a part of their lives.

MCRD San Diego at graduation and I’ve watched many YouTube videos with several drill instructors getting in a boot’s face with several knife-hands.

Terminal Lance Sample Comics

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  1. My son just started boot camp at MCRD. I’ve never heard of this comic, so thanks for the heads-up. I’ll try to get him a copy!

    1. Thank you for visiting, you are in for the ride of your lifetime. He will greatly appreciate a copy of Terminal Lance. Good luck to him and maybe I’ll see you on one of the Marine Mom forums sometime.

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