Christmas Family Games on the 9th Day of Christmas

Playing Christmas Family Games Brings Back my Childhood

Talk about getting excited? While having our second Christmas at my in-laws I spotted a favorite childhood game in the cabinet. Mattels “Tip It!“!

Tip it board game

Matell Tip It, Vintage Game with circus man

Oh, how I remember this game and how this wobbly little circus man on top made me laugh. Everyone in the room thought I was slightly crazy, and I thank them for not laughing at me. They even indulged me with a game!

While I remember playing the game, I couldn’t remember how to set it up or the rules. So, for those who have forgotten. The short stick goes under the yellow base, place the yellow coins on the pegs and then the long stick in the middle hole.

Vintage Mattel Tip It GameVintage Mattel Tip It Game

Don’t forget the little black gravity ring that slides onto the stick. This is VERY important! If you leave it off the result is a very difficult game with a very wobbly man on top.  Slide the doughnut closer to the base and it’s a little easier. Note where our gravity doughnut is placed? Last, balance the nose of the little man on the top of the stick.

Now comes the playing. After selecting who goes first  (person who spins red first) spin the spinner and remove the appropriate coin from the peg without the little man falling off the top. One by one each person is eliminated as the circus man tips off his perch. Seems there is always one color which doesn’t get selected and the tower becomes heavy on one side. Then players start praying “Noooo not blue!” because you just know you’re going to TIP IT!

Vintage family game

You can still buy Mattels Tip It from Amazon and although it more modernized, and harder with more pegs.  The little man has been replaced, which is disappointing, but I’m sure it will result in the same feeling of silly laughter.

I read the directions online and they have changed a little, but feel free to make up your own “house rules”, kinda like UNO, which we also played.

Who won? My son David who was home on leave from the Marine Corp. He also won three games of UNO, and two out of three games of the card game speed.

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