Season Of Christmas Continues, Day 3

This is the first year my youngest Marine son won’t be home for Christmas.

He’s  a U.S. Marine stationed in California, pulling 24-hour shifts so he can come home on the second block leave.

Christmas tree for my MarineA week before Christmas he called on the phone and reminded me that he wanted LOTS of food when he got home, especially my cookies, pretzels, and venison jerky. Little did he know a care package was on its way with everything included on his list.

Along with all his favorite treats was this tree, don’t know if he put it up (I hope so), but I wanted to send a piece of home his way. (His older brother, stationed in Arizona, also got a care package)

But it is my youngest Marine who got the special treatment this year. He is a corrections officer in the Brigand received the box during his 24 hr “sleep break”. He called and opened the box on the phone with me, which I love.

I got to hear the excitement in his voice as he pulled out the Chocolate Covered Candy Cane Christmas Peeps, Reeses Candy Canes, and deer jerky from the stocking. When he opened the cookie tin, he exclaimed: “Oh my God, this smells soooo good!!” Thank you, thank you!

I always send a Santa hat, to be worn when they open their presents and add a little frivolity and holiday spirit.

Does a Mom good to hear appreciation from her sons. Makes me want to send another box really soon. But, I don’t have to.

He’s coming home tomorrow night for a 10 day leave!

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    1. I hope they think they were lucky, I heard my youngest hoarded his box, shared just a few while my oldest sent a text to all his buddies to come to his room for Christmas treats. LOL Thanks for stopping by.

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