RumChata Eggnog Sundae

I just created a new favorite dessert with my favorite drink, introducing the RumChata Eggnog Sundae. It is the perfect Holiday drink and your Christmas party guests will be in heaven over this cup of creamy deliciousness.

RumChata Eggnog Sundae

RumChata Eggnog Sundae

I’ve been on a RumChata kick for the past six months of so, first making RumChata Cupcakes, then french toast and mixing it with rootbeer and plain eggnog.

However, I just outdid myself. This RumChata Eggnog Dessert is divine. The recipe came to me while I was at the grocery aisle picking up ice cream. I thought, hmmm I need to find some Egg Nogg ice cream, I wonder who makes it? Edy’s Limited Edition came to the rescue.

That got me thinking of the RumChata and how well it went with the egg nog at Thanksgiving (picture yet to come) and I put a few ingredients together in my head and headed for the pop aisle for Sprite or Sierra Mist.

Rumchata Recipe

Ingredients and Directions

After you fix a glass, sit down in front of your Christmas tree, gaze at the twinkling lights, relax, and enjoy the moment. What a wonderful way to unwind at the end of the day.

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5 thoughts on “RumChata Eggnog Sundae

  1. YUM! I may tweek your recipie for Mejstrik Christmas Dawn….. Iron Chef Rene’ (Bob’s youngest sister) has chosen “Oranges” as the secret ingredient this year, so…… what if I made Rumchatta eggnog Julious?? (insert Julia Childs voice)……. “I always use Rumchatta when cooking, sometimes I even put it in the food) hahahaha….

    1. Sounds delis,…use orange Sherbert, that would make it a year round dessert! Oh yes, I think I may need to try that. Send a a picture when you make the “sample”. Or you could use orange soda and vanilla ice cream.

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