It’s Time for Nebraska Big Red Football

The Phenomenon of Husker Football

It is time for Nebraska Big Red Football and if you live in Nebraska, the Midwest, or are a fan of college football you may of heard how passionate Husker fans are about their football, the players and their coaches. One person in particular strikes a solemn awe in Nebraskans, and that would be Tom Osborne. However, this is NOT your typical football blog post.

I Did NOT Grow up in Nebraska

The Nebraska Football ExperienceMy husband is just a little bit passionate about “his” team, me I like college football, but I grew up in Connecticut and went to Oklahoma State during the Barry Sanders years. (It was awesome!)

So, I’m not a dyed in the wool Nebraska fan. I do enjoy it though, for many reasons. First off, I like watching my husband enjoy a game. It’s like he’s back in college again.

Nebraskans are passionate about their Huskers, especially the football team. It’s a way of life in the state. When Nebraska alums move out of state they often find sports bars and form their own clubs. They have the most loyal following of any visiting team in the country. The Big Red is highly coveted for Bowl games just because our fans will travel.

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Memorial Stadium is sold out game after game and still holds the NCAA record for consecutive number of sellouts. However, if you want tickets they can be found. Often just walking up to the stadium just before game time you can buy them at face value. We are lucky (and thankful) that a friend from church offers to sell me their football tickets from time to time. In fact the first time she offered, the conversation went a little bit like this.

“Hi Dawn, I heard you might be interested in our Husker tickets this weekend?”

“Sure Betsy, Randy was going to be up in a tree stand deer hunting..” I look back at Randy in the kitchen, “..but judging on the look on his face I think he’d rather go to the game. It will be an early birthday present.” (I’ve been told I can’t say how old he’s turning, anyone want to guess?

Waiting for the Tunnel Walk, think he's excited?

Waiting for the Husker Tunnel Walk, think he’s excited?

The Loudest College Football Stadium in the Country

We got to the game early, it’s been said that only Nebraska fans show up in the stadium and hour early so they can watch warm ups. Well, we were there at least an hour ahead of time. That’s ok, I had my camera to play with and there was plenty of photo ops. The atmosphere in Lincoln Nebraska is like no other experience. Fans start tailgating at 9 am for a 2 pm game. Nebraska fans are also know for their hospitality towards visiting teams.

Nebraska Tailgating At It’s Best

Nebraska football tailgating at a Husker game is legendary. College football is not just a game here, it's an event.

Nebraska doesn’t have a professional football team in the state, but we make up for it with the Huskers. Husker fans take their Nebraska football tailgating seriously. Tents are erected, parking lots for a surrounding mile are rented.

Corporations rent space under the viaduct for catered parties and millions of dollars are spent on customizing trucks, vans, and party buses, all equipped with satellite televisions, grills and smokers.

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Today we played Minnesota (2012), and for one of the few times this season we were pretty much assured a win. By how much would be the question. (Gotta keep reading to see by how much)

University of Minnesota visits the Huskers in Lincoln Nebraska

University of Minnesota visits the Huskers in Lincoln Nebraska

Saturdays attendance topped out at 85,330 and the Huskers still lead the NCAA record for number of sell outs for a college football team. An added bonus is getting to watch our local Elmwood-Murdock graduate play for the Huskers. Sam Burtch (below) was a freshman coming out of his red shirt year in 2012 and graduated with my son David. Sam has won Scout team MVP several times and has seen playing time during many games.

Sam Burtch, red shirt Husker freshman

Sam Burtch, red shirt Husker freshman

The game also represented  Tom Osbornes 500th official game and tribute ran from the pregame, to halftime and post game. Many people shed a tear, including my husband. The stadium reverberates with excitement and it’s something only to be experienced. The crowd, the noise, and the excitement of everyone in the stands is palatable, you can feel the vibration from your feet to your ears. It is infectious.

So really, going to a Nebraska football game is more than just the game, it’s an event. The camaraderie of the fans is second to none and even when they are beat by another team they are gracious and courteous to the fans of the opposing team. Husker fans don’t like to lose. Bill Callahan and Bo Pellini were evidence of that, but we don’t take it out on the visitors from out of state.

Nebraska Big Red Football

Tom Osborne and Coach Pelini do the tunnel walk together (can you spot them?)

Taylor Martinez completed 21-of-29 passes for 308 yards on the day, his third 300-yard passing day on the season and the fourth of his career. His favorite target was Bell, as the sophomore wide receiver hauled in a career-high nine catches for a career-high 137 yards with two touchdowns.

By the way Nebraska won 38-14, in case you were wondering.

Nebraska notched its fifth consecutive victory to improve to 9-2 overall and 6-1 in the Big Ten. The Huskers registered their fifth straight nine-win season under Head Coach Bo Pelini and moved a win away from clinching the Big Ten Legends Division title. NU closes its regular season at Iowa in the Heroes Game on Friday, Nov. 23 at 11 a.m. That game will be televised nationally by ABC.

Greatest Fans in College Football

Greatest Fans in College Football


If you didn’t think Husker fans were fanatical check out all the official licensed products and gifts. you can get everything from Husker t-shirts to a Husker toilet seat cover, honestly search for it below.

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    1. My husband was the same way, although I “think” he’s getting used to close games. I just sit and don’t say much during those nail biters. Enjoy this Saturday!

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