A Business Card Makes if Official

So if a business card makes your business official, then I guess I’ve taken the leap. I’m not changing jobs, I love working at Hamilton Color Lab, but I am filling in some of the gaps in the cash flow side while supporting and partnering with my place of employment.

3 Quarters Images business cardOur primary business at Hamilton is professional printing for photographers and commercial graphics for trade shows and displays. When we have time we will edit images and do graphic design, but it’s not our core business. That’s where I can help in the “off hours”.

The same is true of scanning and restoration. Hamilton Color Lab specializes in museum quality scanning and large format reproductions. Often customers call and have many photos they want scanned and digitized, upwards in the hundreds. While the Eversmart scanner at work is amazing in it’s clarity and density reading it’s overkill, and expensive,  for someone who just wants digital images to share or wants to print a 4×6.

I love the post production side, as anyone reading this blog can tell. So this Saturday, November 24th,  I’m setting up a table at the Holiday Extravaganza Craft show in Elmwood Nebraska.

I will be offering the following services and products:

  • Photo Cards (area photographs, including “The Barn”)
  • Senior Photo printing (die-cut rounded corner wallets)
  • Photo Restoration
  • Shoebox Scanning
  • Professional Printing (through Hamilton Color, bring your USB, CD etc)
  • Collage Wall Designs
  • Galery Wrapped Photo Canvas
  • Decorative Wall Groupings
  • Christmas card designs
  • Graduation announcement
  • Senior Collages
  • How to turn your photos into art

If the initial response has been any indication of success this might just work. I have had two jobs and two people set up a meeting with me next week for a canvas layout, just by announcing this on my personal Facebook page.

Have a project in mind? Send me a message, or drop me an email.

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