Remembering Veterans Day

This is the weekend to be paying respect and honor our veterans. Yesterday was the Marine Corps birthday and today is officially Veterans Day. May we never forget to honor those veterans who have served in all branches of our military: The Army, Navy, Air Force, and the United States Marines.

Don’t just remember our veterans on the national holidays like Memorial Day or Veterans Day, but remember and thank them every day.  When you hear of conflict in another country, every time you see an American flag, and every time you hear on the news that another soldier died, remember the veterans. Remember they defend our freedom of speech, our way of life, and liberty of the United States of America.

Remember them every day, not just on Veterans Day

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In addition to my two sons, currently in the Marine Corps, this day and weekend I also remember my “Daddy”.

I wish I had asked more questions, I wish I had listened when you started to tell me the stories, but alas I was a child and only thought of childish things. I wish I had more time with you, and I wish you had lived to see your grandchildren grow up.  You would be proud of them. I miss you now more than ever. I finally learned your military history and wish you were here to tell me more.

Private Leo Tyrrell, 82nd Airborne

Private Leo Tyrrell, 82nd Airborne (1952?)


6 thoughts on “Remembering Veterans Day

  1. Your letter and tribute to your Dad really hit home. My Dad was (is) a Marine with the 6th Division (only active during WWII) and fought in the Battles of Guadalcanal and Okinawa. He was also a rifle range instructor at Parris Island before being deployed.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I know my Dad was in the Pacific Theatre. From the little I remember he was on a Destroyer. He also said he “hand started” prop planes on deck. It was the little bit I remember when he watched the old WWII series on TV during the 1970s. I just printed off the request for his WWII records. Hug your Dad for me.

  2. What a great tribute to a hero! Even if you had more time with him, I have a feeling you wouldn’t have asked any questions simply because you think they’ll live forever. I don’t think we fully appreciate anyone more than we do when they’re no longer with us. He’s surely very proud of your kids, Dawn!!! You’ve done a great job with them!

    1. Thanks Tracy, I’m humbled. I just printed off a request for his WWII records from the National Archives. Will see what I can find. The boys have frequently asked.

  3. What a great idea writing off for his military records! I am trying to capture and get some of the family history together before my parents aren’t able to remember these things. My Dad turns 88 on the 19th, so blessed to have him with us.

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