A Letter From a Marine Mom to the United States Marines

Happy Birthday Marine Corps

November 10th, 2012 is the 237th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. So as a Marine Mom with two sons in the Marines I say “Happy Birthday United States Marine Corp and may you continue to turn out men of character, honor, dedication and bravery.”

Proud Mom of two US Marines

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If I could send a letter to the Marine Corps on their birthday this is what I would send.

A Letter From a Marine Mom

“Dear United States Marine Corps,

I give you my sons, knowing they will be Marines for life, as becoming Marines is not a part time endeavor but a pride and family bond that carries through to civilian life. So in essence I am also welcoming the Marine Corps into my family. 

I have seen the result of your training, how you have built them up not just physically  but mentally, and with a sense of honor and commitment. It is the goal of the Corps to  strengthen their character, instill a sense of pride of country and service to others.  The training and discipline instilled into these young men and women is beyond any other branch of the military. The sense of pride in being a Marine is evident.

I place my trust in their commanders, sergeants, and their fellow Marines to make wise decisions and to act promptly in times of adversity. May they always  take the title US Marine seriously and not disgrace themselves, their company, or their country., always remembering that the person beside them has a Mother at home with a prayer and love in her heart for her Marine.

God please protect them in harms way, watch over them, guide them, and lead now and forever.

With Love, 

A Marine Mom”

Every year I try and write a letter to the USMC, below are two of them, I don’t know if anyone in the Marine Corps ever sees them, but it’s nice to know other Marine families do and appreciate the thought. I hope to always speak the truth, relay hope, and express my pride and thankfulness in our military.

A letter from a Marine Mom to the USMC. This Mother of two Marines writes a letter to the Marine Corps as a way of gratitude for her Marine sons.2015 Marine Mom Letter to the USMC Commandant on the 240th birthday of the Marine Corps