3 thoughts on “Silent Sunday #16

  1. This picture calls for a comment, silent or not. What town is this? The elevator looks like one my grandfather built–I could tell for sure if I knew the town. It’s a lovely shot! We are already past the beautiful color here. Back to gray days and early nights. It’s nice to see your splash of color to brighten things up.

    1. It’s Elmwood Nebraska, and yes the color on the tree is long gone, but I found it on my camera card and had to post it. Early nights here too,…daylights savings is the pits.

      1. The dark nights can be very hard. That’s why a good coating of snow to last all winter not only saves the roses, but brightens the dark somber mood. I will ask my Dad about Elmwood and see if he knows anything about it. I sure looks like one Grandpa built. Thanks!

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