Halloween Night, Nebraska Style including a 800 lb Pumpkin

Halloween is the second most decorated holiday in the United States, obviously after Christmas and in some neighborhoods it’s almost like a giant fun house and haunted house all rolled into one.

Here is rural America you can find giant pumpkins and jack o’lanterns weighing 800 lbs or more. How is this Possible? With a little creativity. Welcome to the Midwestern version of a Jack O’Lantern, country style. A little spray paint and cut out stencils for the face and you have a round bale jack-o-lantern made from hay. It’s going to take a little longer for him to rot and I would try to light a candle inside him either.

Round Bale Pumpkin

Round Bale Pumpkin

I’m not one to decorate for Halloween, except a few carved pumpkins on the porch, but I do appreciate those that do go all out for All Hallows Eve. Some houses are just genius in the making with scary motion triggered decorations, ghouls, and soundtracks.

If you’re going to stay within the Jack O’Lantern theme then maybe these Halloween decorations will fit your holiday spirit.

GIANT PUMPKIN DECORATION 300cm8.9 Ft Tall Large Fire & Ice Lighted Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Man Airblown Inflatable Halloween Creepy Scary Decor Haunted House Prop Outdoor Yard Decoration7ft Tall Spooky Wacky Funny Stack Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Airblown Inflatable Halloween Creepy Decor Haunted House Prop Outdoor Yard DecorationAirblown Inflatable Colossal Pumpkin Reaper 12′ Halloween Yard Decoration

If scary is more your speed than think about setting up a haunted lawn complete with motion detection ghouls and bats in the trees. Rent a fog machine for Halloween night and place tombstones in the yard.

Prextex Giant 30 inch Flying Motion Detection BatBeistle Doomed Groom and Buried Bride Props, 33-1/2-Inch by 5-Feet 3-InchSerial Killer Tombstones – Halloween Yard Decoration – Set/6, 21.3Reaper Animatronic Snapping Sam Candy Treats Bowl Halloween Haunted House Decor Motion Activated Moving Head Creepy Glowing Red Eyes Scary Sayings & Talking Words

As a kid I loved, and hated getting scared while Trick or Treating. I still remember the house where a gorilla greeted us at the door. I must of been about five years old and wouldn’t walk up the steps, but it’s my favorite memory of Halloween.

Fun Costumes For Door Greeting

Can you imagine the response of kids if you answered the door in a Star Wars or Avengers costume? Oh yeah, Iron Man is in the house. I bet you would get a record number of trick or treaters and maybe even run out of candy. But, I bet no one would care and you would be the talk of the neighborhood.

Gorilla Suit With ChestDarth Vader Deluxe CostumeIron Man Dlx Adult CostumeThor Avengers Movie Theatrical CostumeHulk Avengers Classic Muscle CostumeCaptain America Avengers Movie Theatrical Costume


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