Bring on the Marines, Bayonets, and the Cavalry

Bring on the Marines

As a Mom of two Marines, I was appalled at President Obama’s lack of knowledge, understanding and his utter contempt for our military during the 2012 third presidential debate. His condescending attitude and rude responses was not at all presidential and did little to bring honor to the presidency, or our country.

I totally agree with the other Marine Mom @SpunkyBraun who recently posted what could be the “Tweet of the Year”

Dear Mr. Obama, Amb. Stevens would have loved a horse or a bayonette or a 
Marine with either one. Sincerely, mom of 2/Marines #debate

Marines, Bayonets, and the Cavalry

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So, in honor of @SpunkyBraun and all Marine Moms who are proud of their sons and daughters I created this T-Shirt design as a reminder there Americans who support our military.

This design was found in my CafePress Military and Marine store, but for some reason they took it down. I spent a lot of time on it and was pretty proud of how it turned out. Click on the images to take you to my store for other designs.

Marines, Bayonets, and the Cavalry

Marines, Bayonets, and the Cavalry

FACT: There are more bayonets used now than in 1917.

FACT: The military still utilizes the Cavalry, although the last time the Cavalry invaded was in 2001 to invade Afghanistan.

FACT:  Bayonets are standard issue in the Marine Corps

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