This is Truly the Best Margarita Recipe, Ever!

How to Make the Perfect Top Shelf Margarita

The title claims to be the BEST Margarita drink recipe, and this might seem like bragging, but I’m not, it truly is this good. This recipe is not “just” another top shelf Margarita recipe, but one served in a national restaurant chain. Which one? I’ll get to that, but first a little history.

I really enjoy a good Margarita, but ordering them in a bar, or restaurant is like rolling the dice and taking a chance. Shaken or stirred, on the rock, or crushed? Most of the time the drinks come from a premixed package and range from horridly sour, super strong and even bitter. So, I don’t order them unless I have a good recommendation. Round the Bend Steakhouse in Ashland is one that will put you on your back after just one.

So where does this Top Shelf Recipe hail? Of all places, Red Lobster! I can’t believe it either. My husband ordered the Margarita and I ordered a peach sweet something drink. Like all good husbands he asked if I would like a sip. Sure why not. I was more than surprised. It was a mix of sour, sweet, and salty all wrapped into one lip smacking drink.

Top Shelf Margarita Recipe from Red Lobster

Top Shelf Margarita Recipe from Red Lobster

So impressed, I asked our waiter if the bartender would share the recipe. When he returned we were told the main ingredient was a proprietary sour mix. Compliments can do wonders and I was full of them.  I pretty much begged that I would be willing to buy the sour mix, it was so good, the best margarita I had ever had. Do believe this helped, that and it was our waiters second day on the job and I think he was trying to score points with the staff.

The bartender came to the table, thanked us for the compliments and proceeded to tell us the mix was a concentrate and made quite a bit. I didn’t care I said. “I’d love to be able to buy some if I could.” So, for $10.00 I walked out with a quart of Red Lobster Sour Mix, the recipe, and a smile on my face.

Next stop, Hy-Vee to pick up the ingredients. ($100 later!!!, mix was the cheap part) There is a reason it’s called “Top Shelf”

I have mixed margaritas for various friends during the past year. They all start off skeptical about the accolades I pile on, but as I watch them take the first sip their faces light up and they all agree, it’s the best margarita they have ever had.

Did you know: National Margarita Day is FEBRUARY 22?

So, here you go, the recipe, compliments of Red Lobster.

Top Shelf Margarita Recipe

Margarita Ingredients

Dip glasses upside down in about quarter to half inch of water, then in margarita salt.

Hint: Don’t use the “fancy” plastic Margarita glasses from Walmart and the like. The salt will NOT stick to them. Talk about disappointing.

How to Mix Margaritas for a Crowd

I rarely drink this by myself, it’s always better to share. So I mix margaritas by the pitcher. For instance if I have one of my best friends over for a summer night drinks I’ll multiple this by four (two drinks a piece) and mix in a pitcher.

  • 44 oz of total mix (11 oz of sour mix, 33 oz water)
  • 6 shots Tequila
  • 4 shots Triple Sec
  • 2 shots Grand Marnier

Since Valentines Day (the occasion for our date) I have gone through a gallon of mix, that’s four gallons of margaritas for anyone who would like to know. But they have been shared with friends, as they should. So Enjoy!!!

Margarita Items and Supplies

What do you need to have a Margarita party: sour mix, alcohol of course, salt, REAL glasses because Margarita salt won’t stick to plastic, and of  friends to share with.

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15 thoughts on “This is Truly the Best Margarita Recipe, Ever!

  1. I haven’t tried this version yet – but I’m a big fan on the Sinless mix. It’s just mix (so you can add whatever alcohol you like – tequila for normals, vodka or whatever for that one friend who just can’t “do” tequila anymore). it’s SOUR which I like – and not to sweet that you can’t have like, 3. I actually cut the mix with some diet sprite or sparkling water because i think its so strong.
    PS – I think the skinny girl pre-mixed stuff is DISGUSTING – so don’t think this is that. This rules. 🙂

  2. I hear Feb 22 is National Margarita day. In my book, it’s every day. My husband and I love Red Lobster Grand Patrone Margarita’s. Just went there for dinner and purchased some of their mix. Having margaritas as I type. Love them. So far, the best we have had.

  3. plastic margarita glasses are NOT “fancy” if youre gonna spend $100. On Top shelf drink mixers which btw Sauza tequila being “Topshelf” is debatable you can buy glass to drink out of

    1. Yes Red Lobster definitely sells the sour mix, never been a fan of the Long Island Ice Tea, but I wouldn’t doubt it. Just ask the bartender, they normally sell it frozen in 1/2 gal containers. I just bought two so I’ll have to take a photo of it and add it to the blog post. Thanks for the comment and come back again and visit. Sorry it took me so long to reply, it got lost in the “spam” filter.

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