Friday Night Lights

High school football is king on any given night in the Midwest. Especially in Nebraska where it’s said we raise corn, cattle and football players.

Friday night high school footballIt’s where young men learn how to play like a team, where sportsmanship is learned, and fair play. There are rules to football, that must be followed, or there is a penalty. Respect is earned, not given. A hard work is encouraged, and rewarded.

I can’t say I understand all the rules, like holding, but I respect and admire the tenacity of the game, as well as the character it builds.

There is nothing like the Friday Night Lights over a football field in small town America. It’s the social event of the week and people look forward to it all year. From Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Michigan, and Oklahoma families and friends come to cheer their favorite player, eat BBQ, and hand out money to the little ones who run to the concession stands during half-time.

With this much Midwest and Southern tradition it’s no wonder a whole TV show was built around Friday Night Lights.

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