How Marines Relieve Stress in Afghanistan, with “Call Me Maybe”

I don’t know why this Call Me Maybe song by Carly Rae Jepsen has inspired so many lip synch covers but everyone seems to be doing it, including the United States Marines.

US Marine overseas heading to AfghanistanWhen my son returned from his Afghanistan deployment in late July he had not seen the below video yet and was super excited.  He knew some of the Marines in the video via his job in Air Wing support at Camp Bastion, but this was filmed in Kandahar before the squadron moved to the larger, more secure, base. It wasn’t until he returned home he learned about  the video.

This version below is especially poignant now. They are part of the 3rd Marine air Wing‘s Marine Aircraft Group 13 out of Yuma AZ,  the same ones attacked September 14, 2012 ,where two of their Marines were killed.

I heard first the news on Facebook where I’m friends with a number of Marine Moms who have sons stationed at Yuma, or connected to the Harriers, posted the news on Friday and I slightly freaked out thinking it could have been my son if he was there.  I can’t help but think of the Marines and their families as they waited for news from their sons and husbands.

As my son said, this is what we do Mom, other Marine bases get a “..whole lot more IDF’s”  (indirect fire) it’s our job. So as a good Marine Mom, I go on and want to remember the young men and women as they took time out for this very fun video.  I think they would want their families to remember them this way, with a smile on their face, taking a break from the seriousness of their jobs.

Marines Lip Synch Call Me Maybe

Now for a version the Marines REALLY like to watch. Before you watch it, here’s a little bit of background. For obvious, logistics and otherwise, most Marines and soldiers don’t have internet access and they rely on other forms of electronic entertainment. For example, my sons group had a  “Deployment Drive”. This is a portable hard drive loaded with an electronic library of  specific downloaded YouTube videos, games and movies

The the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders version was watched SEVERAL times a day, my son said he had it memorized and knew what cheerleader came on at what time.  The look on his face when he talked about this song at the dinner table was priceless. Can you just guess why it’s popular with a bunch of testosterone filled young men, in the middle of a desert, in Afghanistan?

Hey, the stress over there is hard enough, 12 hour+ days, seven days a week. Whatever can take their mind off terrorists and people who want to kill them for a little while  is fine with me.

Gift Ideas for Deployed Military

By the way, for anyone looking to buy a gift for someone in the military who is going to be deployed or already in country, this solar charger is ideal. They listen to a lot of music, but batteries can be difficult to come by in the desert, especially if they are outside the wire. It will charge a cell or smart phone in less than two hours in the sun.

Marines in Afghanistan