Proud Mom of Two Marines

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I’m the Mom of two Marines and I have the “Proud Parent of a Marine” sticker on my back window. However I want to tell the world that I’m the Mom of TWO Marines. I couldn’t find Marine gear on the “official” sites. So I created my own.

Mom of Two Marines Pinback Buttons

Yes, these are for sale. I have officially opened a Cafe Press Store and have a military section.
I had created a Zazzle store earlier and linked the buttons here, but after twelve hours it was deleted. Zazzle does not have distribution rights for the Marine Corps. But, Cafepress does!!
Buy Marine and Military gifts
I can understand the trademark control. The Marine Corps wants, and needs, to control their image and how their logos are used. In Cafepress there are guidelines for developing branded USMC products including which images you can use, which images can not be manipulated, where the text can be located etc.
If you have an idea for Marine gear that you haven’t been able to find let me know and let’s see what I can come up with for you. I’m envisioning a shirts, line of buttons, bumper stickers, cards, mugs, canvas bags, key chains and even iPhone covers. I’m so excited about this I often stay up until the wee hours of the morning designing.

9 thoughts on “Proud Mom of Two Marines

  1. I am reposting your link on my blog and Write2Them facebook page too!
    I am a proud daughter of a WWII Marine who was part of 6th Marine Division during the Battles of Okinawa and Guadalcanal.

    Semper Fi, Dawn!

    1. Thanks!

      Let me change it real quick first. It appears that Marine merchandise is not licensed for Zazzle and it was deleted. BUT I did create a CafePress store.

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