Severe Drought in Eastern Nebraska

Drought burned corn in Nebraska

Drought burned corn in Nebraska

What a difference a year makes. A year ago the Midwest was in the most severe flood in history. This season it’s the worst drought anyone can remember. The season started early with warm weather that encouraged early planting. Detassling started the last weekend in June , which was about 2-3 weeks early.

The drought is in full swing and in Eastern Nebraska the corn is beyond recovery. Corn harvest officially started the sedond week in August.

Drought in the corn field

Harvesting drought affected corn in August

Farmers are cutting CRP grass to have enough forage for winter and the bean crop, while still green, has little hope. I have lived in Nebraska for almost 25 years and this summer has been the first year we have had 10 days of highs in the 100’s.


In Western Nebraska 100 degree temperatures have been reached 43 days out of the last sixty. Even the crops under pivots and irrigation are hurting.

The Nebraska state drought monitor has placed the entire state in a severe drought state in late July with 83% of the state being in extreme drought.

US Drought  Map

US Drought Map

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11 thoughts on “Severe Drought in Eastern Nebraska

  1. I hope it turns around for you all real soon. It’s been hot everywhere, even way up North here in Edmonton..luckily we’ve had some major thunderstorms with a lot of rain. It’s all messed up, we shouldn’t have humidity in the prairies. The nay sayers don’t want you to believe in global warming…but I’m thinking what do we need to do to convince you, burst into flame?

    1. After a few seasons of abnormally cool seasons I don’t put a lot of faith on a season of record highs and the global warming theory. I do believe in weather cycles though. The earth has gone in temperature cycles a long time before we started measuring climatic statistics and will continue regardless of what man tries to do to change things.

        1. I think it was two years ago when we didn’t have enough heat days, it wasn’t even warm enough to go to the pool. I don’t know what’s worse.

          1. I love outdoor pools, there are a few in town. One is pretty close but so so busy because it’s downtown. Maybe I’ll just do the blow up pool and set it on our teeny tiny deck…sometimes just feels good to have you feet cool. Hope your finding ways to stay cool too.

  2. I read recently that they are really worried about the potential for a new dust bowl because in recent years farmers have forgotten the lessons of the past and have created mega fields again.

  3. Dear njdmom, I was born in Holdrege, raised in Alliance, and have family still living in Arapahoe. My father was born and raised in Beaver Crossing and I still have a ton of family all over eastern Nebraska. Are you near any of those locations? Your pictures look familiar to south central Nebraska but I can’t quite figure it out. So curious….

    1. Hi Catherine, I’m Dawn by the way, thanks so much for commenting and sharing my peaches on your blog. I have to admit getting lost in the pages for quite sometime. (smirk)

      I’ve connected with many people who are “from” Nebraska and my photos remind them of home. I live right in the middle of Omaha and Lincoln to the south.

      How often do you still get to Nebraska? If you know where Eagle is we’re 10 miles east, if you know where Mahoney State Park is, we’re 10 miles to the south. My husband has family west of McCook so there are a few photos from western Nebraska. If you’re ever out here, please let me know and I’ll play host to this part of the state.

  4. I feel for all of you guys affected by the drought. We have a few acres of hay up in washington and we have so much rain it’s more of a pain keeping it from molding not making sure its irrigated, I wish i could send some of it your way.

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