4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday #4

    1. I appreciate your comments, but just wondering, do you know cowboys that rodeo? Have you been on a stock rodeo ranch? These animal are so well taken care of. They are very high quality, expensive animals, some of the bulls costing over $40,000 and it’s not unusual for a saddle bronc to cost $10,000. So they can’t afford to get hurt.

      1. I have known, and still do, cowboys who rodeo, and I have been, many times, to rodeo ranches. I grew up in Kingsville, Texas, home of the world-famous. The amount of money one spends on one’s entertainment is moot when it comes to animal abuse.

        I just saw that the number of horses killed at the Del Mar races is up to seven so far, or about one every 1½ days. That’s not love of horses. That’s love of entertainment, ego, and money.

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