Baby Shower, It’s a Girl!

I recently had the honor, and selfish fun of throwing a friend a baby shower! Excited, oh yes. To think that someone told her that a Mom should only have a shower for their first born and not a second baby.

Baby showers are just as much for the friends as the new Mama. In fact for those of us closer to being a Grandmother (no ideas kids) than being pregnant, we revel in babies. The thought of cuddling, spoiling, buying cute baby clothes and toys knowing that when the crying starts we can had them back has a TON of appeal to me right now.

Baby Shower for a girl

Baby Girl Shower

Found the rubber duck punch and LifeSaver pacifiers on Pinterest, yes there will be separate posts for those. I had just too much fun.

Initial photos were run through Lightroom, about 45 of them in about 30 minutes, then put together this simple template in Photoshop

8 thoughts on “Baby Shower, It’s a Girl!

  1. That is the sweetest punch ever. What a good pal you are putting on a beautiful party, that’s so fabulous. My girlfriends and I are way past this point in our lives but their daughters may give me an opportunity to use your ideas, hopefully sooner then later. Ooops now I sound like every middle-aged mom, “when are we seeing babies?” yesh!

    1. I’m definitely out out of the generations with babies, it’s the younger crowd I’m throwing it for now. Kids that I knew when they were babies. Yup, at that middle age point.

    1. Sure, I designed some custom invitations and themed games too, but haven’t found a good download site to link up my wordpress link too. You can have them for free too if you know of a good download site.

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