How Beautiful, A New Mother To Be

Who loves babies? Me! Especially now that my youngest baby is 17 and my oldest 23. I also love pregnant mama’s. Probably because I know I’m not anywhere close to middle of the night feedings and dirty diapers.

I’m closer to being a grandmother (not that close kids) than a mother again and the prospect of cuddling a sweet-smelling baby, without the full-time responsibilities, is very attractive. There are two people in my life now who are pregnant and it’s a whole different perspective.

Maternity portrait

Maternity portrait

Professional maternity photography is very popular now. However, back when I was pregnant,  there is no way I would of even thought of doing a maternity portrait session, I didn’t want anyone to see me being as big as a whale. This was my first baby shower in many many years. The daughters of my friends are now getting married and having babies. Being the serious amateur photographer that I am, my camera is always with me.

This is one day it paid off. Both grandmothers forgot their cameras and were more than happy for me to document the shower. The result was an a group of professionally looking photographs I printed at work that everyone just raved about. The great thing about NOT being a professional, there is no pressure and no expectations. If they turn out good, GREAT! If not I just took snapshots to share on Facebook.

I have often said, “I don’t photograph people, I stick with things that stay still like landscape, scenery and food.” This young Mother looked so gorgeous in a simple tank top I had to try. Luckily there was a blank empty wall in the basement of the church that just screamed “BACKDROP” so here are a few I took that day.

It's a Boy baby shower

IT’s a BOY!!

I was able to give the Mother and her family  about 80 edited prints (all processed  in Lightroom 4) and it only took me about two hours post production. Have I said how much I love Lightroom? Obviously the collage I created in Photoshop.

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