You Fly to Work, in The US Airborne

In continuing story of my Dad’s Korea War 82nd Airborne experience here is an ad I found in a large envelope where he kept clippings from his time in the 508th. After doing  a little searching I found this was published in Modern Mechanix magazine.

1950s Army Airborne Ad

1950s Army Airborne Ad

The original is yellowed, badly wrinkled, and the bottom corner torn. Since my dad graduated from Ft. Benning in June 151 I can only think he saw this ad and was proud of being part of the finest fighting outfit in the world.

“The Mark of A Man!”

The paratrooper’s wings of the U.S. Army Airborne are the mark of a man! Those who wear this distinctive insignia belong to the finest fighting outfit in the world.”

August 1951

2 thoughts on “You Fly to Work, in The US Airborne

  1. I love this post, Dawn! It means something to me as well as my nephew, Zach, who just got out of the army was in the final squadron of the 82nd that actually was airborne. Very cool.

    1. That is very cool, I was just talking with a military historian at work and he was saying that paratroopers and the airborne are a thing of the past. Drones are cheaper than lives. The only paratroopers now are with special forces.

      I’m glad you liked it. I have a whole bunch of photos, articles and memorabilia waiting in the wings. I’m going to post military related tags on #WarriorWednesday There are a few surprised coming up that is a little different, at least for me.

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