Save On Gas, Use Horsepower

I think gas prices are a little high when the department of roads starts using horsepower the sides of the road. This is a sight you don’t see very often, a team of horses mowing the grader ditches. I know the Nebraska state budget isn’t in that dire of straits, but I wonder if gas prices have just gone up a little too much?

Draft Horses (SOOC)

Draft Horses (SOOC)

My husband and I spotted these Belgian mares north of Lincoln Nebraska mowing the grass and also saw them four days later, raking the same ditch to turn the hay. They do not belong to the state of Nebraska, nor are they doing the county’s job of maintenance. Of course I had my camera with me, you never know when you will find a photo opportunity, and talked to the farmer. They had just mowed over two miles of grass and would go back in a few days to bale the hay. He believes that horses need to be exercised on a regular basis, especially draft horses, and what better way to do this than put them to work. 

 I don’t remember their names, but they are full sisters, one a seven year old and the other other eleven.

Team of Belgians Mowing

Team of Belgians Mowing

Edits were done in Lightroom 4 with a decrease in exposure, increase in clarity and opening up shadows on the horses to bring out detail. The sky was still washed out so I used the adjustment brush and decreased the exposure in the sky to get a better balanced image. Voilia! Clouds appeared.


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9 thoughts on “Save On Gas, Use Horsepower

  1. They are beauties, I’d prefer to hear their clip-pity clop than a giant mower. Goes to show you, when it all runs out we’ll find a better way.

    1. Thanks I appreciate the comment. I like to use Lightroom in ways that the image still looks like how I saw the scene. I’m still into realism in my photography. Hope to see you visit again.

  2. I moved to Nebraska from Miami Florida for law school. It was very much a cultural change that requiered some getting used to. I found that the best medicine was to take advantage of those empty spaces and lovely skies and lonely surroundings to sooth away any stress. Its true people arent as welcoming as they are friendly and they dont particulary take to strangers as quickly as folks might in urban areas. In time found that nebraska rubbed off on me and folks I knew back home started to comment on the Nebraska side of my polite and seemingly friendly not yet welcoming personality…somethign like those open vistas and endless skys friendly yet not welcoming per say. Now back in South Florida I often reminisce about those Nebraska days and drives into Lincoln on weekends. Im glad to see Im not the ony one who found the place so memorable for its semingly serene ambiance.

    1. I’m glad you found my post. Every state seems to grow on you after a while. It can be true that in small towns it takes a little while for people to truly welcome the new person. Might be the German background of a lot of Nebraskans. But when you become part of the community you find you are never alone and there is a friend around every corner.

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