Severe Thunderstorms in the Midwest

Thunderclouds in Nebraska

Thunderclouds in Nebraska

Just thunderstorms tonight in Nebraska, but note the circular rotation in the clouds overhead. They were definitely moving in different directions.  No tornado, the clouds quickly merged into each other, but we did get a wonderful thunder and lightning storm. I love weather, ok, dramatic weather.

We really needed the rain too, it was getting very dry.

Thunderstorm in the Midwest

Thunderstorm in the Midwest

Shot in RAW, processed in Lightroom 4, used adjustment brush over the clouds to increase the clarity and shadows between the clouds.

4 thoughts on “Severe Thunderstorms in the Midwest

    1. The skies were amazing at dusk, finally a thunderstorm that I’m awake for, sounds like it’s going to be a few hours more.

      1. I feel guilty loving thunderstorms because my cats really get scared. But those clouds of yours might scare me too. Glad there were not tornado’s!

  1. I lived in Illinois outside of Chicago from second grade to middle school. I used to spend a lot of time hunkered down in the basement during tornado season. Funny thing is that the closest I ever came to being hit by one was in the north east corner of New Jersey. One passed about 100 yards from the house I was living in at the time. Not a big one mind you, but it was scary.

    I see you use the brush tool a lot in Lightroom. Do you ever use the gradient tool? I sometimes use that to pull out detail in lighter skies. I imagine the brush tool has more finess. Will have to try it.

    Thanks for your great posts.

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