Marine Corps Dress Cover

I’ve loved this photo ever since I took when my youngest son graduated from Marine Boot Camp. A Marine in his dress blues is the epitome of pride, honor and commitment. They also look very handsome.

Every part of the Marine Corps uniform is thought out to the smallest detail. The cover issued to boots have a cloth crown (shown above) , some Marines later opt to purchase a white vinyl crown which is more durable. Military uniforms have a lot of history, yet the United States Marine Corps seems to be the one that everyone recognizes as being the best design and the most iconic.

Little brothers of Marines enjoy dressing like their big brothers, pint size dress blues costume to school on veterans day, Halloween, dress like your hero day. I think it’s really really cute and a great way for them to show their support for the military.

Don’t get the idea that an adult could wear it though, that would be called stolen valor and is greatly frowned upon. Don’t do it, EVER!

Dress Blues Costume for Kids

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    1. Thanks I am very proud of them, Nathan decided to renew his deployment, he thought I would be disappointed, but I’m more proud than anything.

  1. As a prior service Marine, my advise is to stick to the cloth cover. You have to wash it more ofter but the fit and look so much better than the vinyl!

    1. That’s good to know. I see the recruiters around here that have the vinyl, but they look dingy after a while. Thanks for your service and for reading.

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