Introducing Leah the Boxer

Leah, a Brindle Boxer

Introducing the newest member of our family, Leah a brindle Boxer. She’s now eight months old and I’m a little late in posting her pictures,but here’s a snapshot of her life so far.

She’s a sweet little girl, smart as a tack, and ¬†extremely gentle. Only heard her bark twice, she learned to walk on a loose lead in just a few days and that in itself takes some getting used to as my Jack Russel, Brody is like a freight train at the end of the leash.

Speaking of Brody he took to her right away and is extremely tolerant. At first I thought he was picking on her. Nope the other way around. Leah used Brody’s hind legs as teething toys. Literally, as Brody would walk or run by Leah would take the opportunity to grab at his hocks. Most of the time my ferocious Jack Russell would roll over and let her continue to chew, all the while “growling and complaining.” He really does love her.

At one time Leah could easily walk under Brody’s stomach, now it’s the other way around. She’s almost done growing, at least in height, but based on her food intact she has a lot of filling out to do before she’s mature.

9 thoughts on “Introducing Leah the Boxer

  1. Cutie! I hear Boxers are very… er, energetic. One of my artist friends had one, and before he was grown he managed to destroy a LOT. He once ate her oil paints, and another time tried to drag their couch out the dog door! That still makes me laugh.

    1. Leah is very energetic, good thing she has my Jack Russell to take her energy out on and use as a chew toy. She did chew up the corner of my hymnal, but that’s been the only thing so far. OMG, the couch! That is one for the books.

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