19 Facts About Daffodils

All across the blogosphere I’m seeing images of Daffodils, including my good blogging friend over at A Girl, A Camera, A Challenge who accompanied hers with a poem from E.E. Cummings. Last year I took many daffodil photos, but this year I’m restraining myself. So to celebrate spring here is to one of the first brave flowers of spring.

19 Facts About Daffodils

19 Facts About Daffodils

Here are some facts you may not know about these cheerful blooms of spring.

  1. The daffodil is also known as Jonquil, Narcissus, Paperwhite and the ‘Poet’s Hower’.
  2. Narcissus is a classical Greek name in honor of a beautiful youth who became so entranced with his own reflection that he pined away and the gods turned him into this flower.  (Daff Seek, official photo database of the American Daffodil Society)
  3. Squirrels will not eat daffodil bulbs, the bulbs and leaves contain poisonous crystals which only certain insects can eat with impunity, so don’t plant where dogs like to dig. (American Daffodil Society)
  4. Poultry keepers thought the flower to be unlucky and disallowed it in their homes, as they believed it would stop their hens from laying eggs. (Funflowerfacts.com)
  5. Scientists have discovered narciclasine, a natural compound found in daffodil bulbs, may be therapeutic in treating brain cancer.
  6. Daffodils contain a toxic sap which is harmful to other flowers. When arranging in a vase don’t mix with other flowers unless the daffodils have been soaking in water for 24 hours. Do not recut the stems as it will re-release the toxin. (Funflowerfacts.com)
  7. The ancient Romans cultivated them extensively, though daffodils became a forgotten flower till 1600. Sometime around 1629, a few Englishmen took the daffodil out of the weeds and gave it a place in the garden. (Onlinegardeningtips.com)
  8. The daffodil is the flower for March.  (Gonetopot.com #7-12)
  9. The Romans, believed  the sap from these flowers had special healing powers.
  10. The Daffodil Data Bank accounts for over 13,000 hybrids, and apart from the regular yellow kind, there are others which come in a range of color combinations, like yellow and orange, yellow and white, orange and white, lime-green and pink colors.
  11. In the Victorian days, Daffodils represented chivalry. Today is represents hope.)
  12. In Wales it is traditional to wear a daffodil on Saint David’s Day (March 1).
  13. The daffodil is the national flower of Wales.
  14. Their botanic name is narcissus, daffodils are sometimes called jonquils, and in England, because of their long association with Lent, they’re known as the “Lent Lily.”( Teleflora #14-18)
  15. In Wales, it’s said if you spot the first daffodil of the season, your next 12 months will be filled with wealth.
  16. Chinese legend has it that if a daffodil bulb is forced to bloom during the New Year, it will bring good luck to your home.
  17. The Daffodil is the 10th wedding anniversary flower
  18. A gift of daffodils is said to ensure happiness.
  19. Always remember to present daffodils in a bunch – the same legends that associate this cheerful flower with good fortune warn us that when given as a single bloom, a daffodil can foretell misfortune.

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Do you know of any others facts or trivia about daffodils? If so please share them, I’m in a strange and funky mood. Must be wearing I’m wearing shorts in March.

More Facts About Daffodils

News About Daffodils

Daffodils, exotic birds, Bach fill the weekend

The little town of Bell Buckle is having its 36th annual (free) Daffodil Festival on Saturday, which will feature hundreds of daffodils arranged in various ways, as well as gardening and beekeeping seminars and vendors selling bulbs, bedding plants

Daffodils spring up

Warm weather has daffodils popping up everywhere, and Saturday is the day to gather them up and make an entry in the 36th Annual Daffodil Day Festival in Bell Buckle. (T-G Photo by Brian Mosely) [Order this photo]. A sure sign that spring has returned

Cranks My Tractor

When I think of my Grandmama, I think of her ten cent store in rural Alabama, Mason jars full of water to take fishing and the wonderful daffodils that come back each spring in her yard. The daffodils seem to say, “Hey, we’re back, we’re going to keep



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  1. Very interesting, loved the fun facts! Mine are already getting towards the end of their bloom and we got snow a few days back. The High Desert of So Cal has been having weird weather this year. Global Warming? I wonder………….

  2. Thank you for the ping back, Dawn, and I apologize for taking so long to thank you. There are reasons, but I won’t bore you with the details.
    I love the happy shot you have graced us with! Sunshine encompassed in a single flower!

  3. I Was given a wilderness bouquet with one daffodil…. needlless to say I am now going thru a divorce with the giver of that bouquet…..so maybe there is something about that misfortune.!!!!

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