Katy Perry’s Video and the Marines Corps

What do Katy Perry and the Marines have in common? In reality, very little. But in Katy Perry’s video, All of Me I am just very pleased to see that she chose the United States Marines to represent the military. The follow-up interviews on MTV show she gained a great deal of respect for our Marines and that I applaud.  She may have been inspired to film at Camp Pendleton since she performed at Pendleton in 2011.

Don’t know what my Marine sons would think, I’m sure my oldest would say a lot. That’s a tease and a challenge to see if he even reads my blog, he was in Afghanistan when this was filmed. My other son who was stationed at Camp Pendleton just missed being there for the filming, I bet he would think it’s cool. (another challenge)

What do you think Katy Perry’s video? Does it inspire? Cheapen? Motivate? Should the Marines use it as their new recruiting video?

I’ve had several people comment to me on Twitter about this video so I thought I would add in the interviews behind the video to give some more background on how she feels about the military and what the men and the respect she has for the men and women in the Marine Corps. Regardless of inaccuracies in the video she wasn’t a prima dona on set.

The Making of the Katy Perry Video, All of Me

The videos below is a four part series highlighting the behind the scenes making of the video.

Yes, the video is full of inaccuracies, women don’t have to cut their hair to be Marines, they don’t bind their chest, you don’t receive your name on your uniform when you arrive, and women train at Paris Island during boot camp and not Camp Pendleton. But Sand Diego is just a hop skip and a jump from Hollywood, hence why MCRD SD Marines are called “Hollywood Marines.
But, it is a very well produced video that inspires women to stand on their own, take charge of their own life. Ok, she’s a little implusive and maybe breaking up with a boyfriend isn’t the best reason for joining the military or the Marine Corps. At least she is not pining away and curled up in a ball like it’s the end of the world either. Oh, right, that’s the series Twilight.
Anyhow, let me know what you think of the video, the Marines, or anything in particular. You might be surprised when you watch the videos and listen to a pop culture stars impressions of the Marine Corps and the military really are, instead of reading them in social media.

Military Perspective on Katy Perry’s Video

Pop media interviews on Katy Perry’s Video All of Me

7 thoughts on “Katy Perry’s Video and the Marines Corps

  1. I believe that anyone who can help with the plight of our service people is OK in my book. In fact the more who experience what Ms. Perry has the better it is. I know that many artists who do the service circuit’s lives are never the same. Look at Toby Kieth. He was patriotic to begin with, his father served in WWII. Once he went over to sing to the troops it changed his life. He passes it on to other artists for instance Kellie Pickler. I saw a video of her troop tour and I think that if the marines are partial to Ms Perry then they should use it. They ARE a younger generation and it should be geared to them.

  2. I found myself liking this video. Which is surprising, as usual in new music the music and lyrics are rather dumb.

    Recruiting tool? I don’t know, if it works, OK. What I really see here is a story about self confidence and teamwork. Self empowerment, if you will.

    And that is something that I find lacking in her generation, especially the girls/women. So all in all I’d say its a good thing.

  3. I was surprised to like it, and I am thinking that every single Marine that was involved in the making of this video will probably always be a fan.
    As far as pop culture goes, she is one of the current queens, so why not use it as a recruiting tool? I certainly don’t find anything about it cheap – and that is a surprise as well!

    1. You know I was looking for responses from Marines who were in the video, none. No one bragging they had 15 min of fame, got to shoot with Katy Perry. I think because they know whats really important in life and have their priorities straight.

    1. Lol Thanks for reading, I still like how she supports our Marines and for that I’m glad. Thank you for your service, you do us proud.

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